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Team remix after reset (brainstorming)

Hello everyone,

I’m a bit disconsolate after the reset, having lost all of my strongpoints about team composition.
I’m struggling to decide how to proceed, if keeping such team or apply some changes, so I’ve resolved to summon for a general brainstorming here. :sweat_smile:

Here’s my current team.
I’m at 4.000 trophies, in Lockwood Mansion. Rightly before the reset I was to 4.500, a few points from the upgrade to the next arena. Of course I’ve wasted 500 points in a few days.

Rat: not so useful, it quite grants a kill but doesn’t do much else, except in lucky cirmcumstances.
Sino: I still love it, even after the move reset. Creates confusion, is tough, regenerates. It is only too low in attack.
Proceratho: always my favourite. Suffered a lot from the reset but too good to leave it apart.
Erliko: even before the reset it was starting to lose pace. Too predictable, not efficient against armors, I like its speed but I think it’s time to give him a few rest.
Gorgo: I was suggested to invest on this beast, but for now I’m quite disappointed. Too slow, too easy to kill, it simply has no time to use his massive attack. Probably a high leveled one will be better, but for now it has not my favour.
Utasino: a splendid potential, does its work, just needs to be leveled up more, imho.
Postimetro: I treat it like a sort of unexpected weapon. Before the reset it was extraordinary, now suffers a lot. It still is my only realiable tool against armours and shields.
Purrutaurus: I love it, terrific in sight, would like to have it at lvl 20.
For now it seems too weak in health and speed, but maybe will be better in the future.

What to invest on?
As you can (partially) see from the pic, I’ve recently had many inspirations.

  • Suchotator
  • Dilorano
  • Brontolasmus
  • Indo Gen2
  • Carbonemys
  • Diplovenator (still in building phase)

They all seem good but they are taking forever to level up and I don’t know on which one really focus about.
Any suggestion is welcome, even in terms of global team synergy. I had my ideas, I worked on them, I was satisfied with my intuitions, but now I’am a bit in confusion and with few alternatives.

Also my opponents in the arena have suddenly changed after the reset, so I must face now beasts almost never seen before (Magna, Erlidom, Indoraptor, Thor, Smylonemys, etc., plus the ever-despicable ever-there ever-boosted Allosino).


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All great dinos and easy to level up
Dont wast yout postimetro dna on it save it for tryo
Same for sino save is dna for its hybrids
Put indomunus there after the evasive buff he is good
Good luck

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