Team Rework and Theory


This is currently my team…

…but now with the update, hanging around Nublar Jungle might be a mistake, lol. VRaptor’s nerfed, Dilo still useful, but now I’m not quite sure what to do. I’m unaware of all the stat and move changes, and looking through all the dinos I have will drive me up a wall.

Aside all this, I have a theory.

Everyone complained at how overpowered raptors were before the update. Granted yes, they were annoying, but could be taken out with relative ease if you have the right dinos. All you’d really need is a speed reducing move followed by something that’ll take them out next turn, provided the opponent doesn’t switch (though even that didn’t slow this one down). Now the new problem is not only the huge nerf to raptors, but a bigger ungodly buff to tanks.

I think Ludia heard you, guys. Congrats. Now raptors are virtually useless and it’s gonna be a tank meta. This is basically them saying “okay, here’s your nerf, and some salt for the wound”.

Granted I’m not complaining, I like the idea of using dinos that are otherwise just sitting there. I’m just thrown for a total loop, haha!