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Team select idea


What about this?
A selection of 10-12 dinos to form a team.
Random selection of 6-8.
Player decide the team of 4 from random.

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I would like to see this implemented


If there was to be any ‘team selection’ then I would want to be able to see the opponents team before battle in order to strategise - no more unpleasant Draco G2 surprises!


How would that work? The other one wants to see your team as well. Makes no sense


I’m not a big fan of that idea. Part of the fun and strategy in battle is trying to predict your opponent’s move and not knowing what dinos they have. Just play strike events if that’s what you want.


Yea, it will not work.
Who is the one to select first and let the opponent see it and select the team to counter it.
As good as game over to do that.
Another idea to this is player can select 6 as final team, but can only use maximum of 4 in a match.