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Team Selection & Future Plans Post-St-Patricks


I think its safe to say a lot of people’s teams have changed after the last few events - in particular the last week; I am looking for comments on my current team selection and where people think my future plans should focus. Please feel free to add your own team and bench as well for comment.


Whoa! You have a way better team than me, but I would try to level up Tryko a bit more and try to fit Magna onto your team if possible.

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your team is really s&xy :smiley: only thing I would try to use is that lvl24 magna maybe instead of thor or tenontorex


Thanks Ned! Tryko is my main target - I have 1200 Kentro DNA stockpiled from the event and will add another ~900 to that this week; then its just a case of waiting for the daily Anky to arrive - hope its around a while although I do see the odd wild one in nearby nests. Magna is the one I really want to fit in - Erlidom bumped it when I went from L22 to L25 :frowning:

Magna can have the rat’s place once it gets nerfed :slight_smile:


Thanks RoadToHell0; I wouldn’t bench Thor for Magna - its second move instant charge is so valuable but Tenonto is certainly a possibility (it just hits so hard); another level on Magna would probably convince me to change - need another Irritator event!


Pains me to bench Monostego as well - might get back on if I can add a level (or two)


That’s awesome! I actually have a lot of Kentro DNA as well, but I’m really lacking on Rex and Anky DNA. I’ve wanted to create Magnapyritor, but I don’t have enough Dimetrodon DNA sadly.


Woah. Nice team. I am pretty behind. But I believe in 2-3 weeks with daily anky and kentro this week. Your tryko will be godlike. A lvl 21 tryko can irritate, so a higher lvl is very op my lvl 22 with 657 health took out one and half team of lvl 30 strike tower. So I know it’s worth and if u can get magna 2 more lvls then he is gonna be there for a long time( till it gets nerfed)