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Team Strength Arena (Increasing AI Teams)

Make an arena where you test your team against AI teams with random DIno’s starting at level 1 and have those teams slowly increase each time you win.

When your team gets to a point where it is defeated by the AI 2 times in a row, the AI team level decreases by one and will keep decreasing each time you loose 2 times in a row. It will then increase again once you win.

Each battle you play and win should give a small amount of coins. 10 X the team level should not be too much with a daily limit of 200 times you player level. To give some more incentive to make this worth while, every 5 wins can give 5 green cash limit of one award per day.

Once your team is able to defeat AI teams up to level 30, you will then begin to play boosted teams starting at tier 1 and level 21 working your way back up to 30, then tier 2 starting at level 21 and so on to the point your meeting your match. This means every creature gets more health, damage and speed.

Playing boosted teams give their own rewards. For every 5 wins, you win one of each boost times the tier level with a limit of one boost reward per day, same as daily incubators. Take downs will not go toward your daily incubators or affect trophy’s as this is a separate arena with its own rewards. Creatures are a random 4 from your team of 8, same as PvP.

This will give players an incentive to get past the non boosted teams into the boosted teams for the boost rewards. As it is easily possible to defeat level 30 non boosted teams with boosted creatures as low as 18 to 20, players should get into the boosted teams, not to too far after they get into growing the boosted teams to earn even more boosts daily.

The basic example below would be the Team Strength Arena that would show your player progress as your growing and boosting your creatures. To beat the game would take defeating a team of tier 10 boosted level 30 creatures. This will give even the top players a good challenge so long as they are playing JWA.

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