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Team Strength Calculator

I made a calculator that gives a number to team strength with a level 30 team being up there just about 100. When you add boosts, the number is going to go above 100. But the idea is that 100 would be the number to go for with a level 30 team without boosts. The closer to 100 without boosts, the better the team.

The first picture is only 4 creatures that I happen to have at level 30, some with a few boosts. Team strength ended up being 98.6 (body temperature)

Number explanation:
The numbers under the green headings are just the stats from my creatures. Those include boosts. Levels are reference and not calculated in the formulas.

The numbers under the yellow heading will include armor for health and critical chance for attack. Speed is just speed.

Total just adds all the adjusted numbers up and average just averages the four.
The health and attack numbers are divided by 100 and speed divided by 10.
The team strength would be 68.51+19.27+10.8

The next picture is my team of 8 and strength of the entire team:

This is a team on my 2nd account, all level 21 and this team’s strength.

In comparison, what would a team of level 1’s look like for strength:

Now a team of level 11 epics:

I made this on google sheets. If you can figure out the formulas, its a way to check out your team strength and creatures to use or try. You can even look ahead to a creature your growing to team level to see if it will be worth leveling ahead of time.

This doesn’t figure in abilities. It is brute health and attack with speed adders.

hmmm i dont understand how you have made your adjusted stats.
as for adjusted health(AH) through armor, take tryko its AH would be its HEALTH/(1-armor percent)
so 5105 /0.7 = 7292 not 6637 and so forth.
as well as for adjusted attack for crit percent the crit amplifier would be based off an expected value of the crit, so take thordor with 40 percent crit, its crit amp is = (0.6 * 1+0.4 * 1.25) which equals 1.10
so the adjusted attack would be 2221 * 1.1 = 2443 not 2576.

hopefully this will help to properly adjust your formulae