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Team Strength Meaningless?

Just played the BYO Deadly Nadder and put together a team with 5273 strength rating against a third battle enemy team with a 4500 strength rating. Lost twice barely passing the first wave once never seeing the third. How common is this? 700+ point disparity, and I was beat down like grade-school footballers playing against professionals. Really? Are the points at all accurate?

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Could you perhaps take a screenshot of the team you were using (and the dragons you were facing). Maybe we could find out why you are losing?

Anyway, in my experience Battle power is quite meaningless, since it only takes into account the stats of each of the dragons (Attack, hp and Health and also Ability Level). Synergy and Countering the dragons you are facing is a lot more important (For example when you are facing lots of healers you may want to bring a dragon with you that has the anti-heal debuff)


How many waves are there and how many dragons each wave?

Also perhaps you may want to take 2 red dragon, so you’d be able to take out the Revengers quite quickly with red tiles (so i’d say use Knock-rocket instead of frostgnaw, which will also help against the healing from fireshrike)

Didn’t work. Practically no red tiles, and the enemy’s chain attacks seemed non-stop. I couldn’t knock out a single enemy dragon…

Thanks for the suggestion, though

Honestly, looking at the team you posted vs what you could’ve used tells me you’re not understanding how to create a team.

The bombwelter is better than everything other than toothless. It’s ability to pump everything else up will actually be useful vs the molten who takes forever.

Both your 3* reds are faster and just as powerful as the molten (at only 3* himself) plus the knock rocket ability is long term and can help endure.

2 of your dragons do damage over turns, which means your opponent dragons have extra turns to attack you.

You have no synergy, no speed, and no lasting endurance.

Also your fang hook is “very fast.” Take advantage of that.

Start piggybacking abilities and create some synergy.

Lastly, and a lot of new people struggle with this: tile damage is key. Setting up combos for down the road. Knowing which ones are best to move to maximize damage and cascades. Having cascades every turn of 2, 2, 2, 2, isn’t as good as 1, 1, 3, 3. This is chess, not checkers, you have to plan 5 moves down the road. Planning and settling for crap moves so you can get special gems 3 turns later with a great cascade is key.


@TheDragonSlayer well said!

@Les I’d take out the green because it’s weak against red and only so-so against green and that are the colors you’re mainly facing in the waves. Try Bombwelter - Toothless - Brute Wurst - Knock Rocket - 3star blue buffalord (don‘t know its name)

Make sure to set up special tiles and look ahead with your moves, try to attack only one dragon at a time so any others fill with spirit much slower. Activate Bombwelter right before using a special tile (whole row / column or all-tiles-explode for any other color than green) to take advantage of his strong hit. Try to activate Toothless as fast as possible to boost all other dragons‘ spirit speed and use your blue buffalord to get the enemies lose precision so they won‘t hit you that much (precision loss will cause them to miss your dragons). Always activate Brute Wurst after any other dragon so you will get the extra spirit for every of your team members.

You can analyze all abilities of your dragons, analyze the ones of your enemies and then set up a decent team. In this case it would be helpful to have a heal blocker or lock dragon to avoid Fireshrikes and Skullcrown healing the enemies back up, but it should not be too bad since Fireshrike is not that fast-healing and you can take care to go into the mini-boss-round with loaded abilities to take Skullcrown down quickly and avoid him to block your Brute Wurst‘s healing. If you‘re not fast enough it‘s not too bad since Brute‘s healing should last long enough to heal on after the not-healing-buff expired.
Start thinking tactical, don‘t chose your strongest dragon because of the BP but compose your team by abilities and colors. Rainbow is less effective most of the times imo, double stacking works better.


Thanks for the feedback. I typically have used the BP as a gauge for how engaged I get, so a ~700-point disparity pretty much never attracted my attention.

I’ll try the suggestions. Thanks again, all

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Btw, I’ll need a deadly nadder, so I’ll have to modify accordingly.

Uh, that makes team comp harder, but you‘ll make it!


This game is not just about putting the highest BP dragons in your team and that’s able to defeat any stages. Reading the skills description of your dragons as well the enemy dragons is helpful for you to get through the level. Sometime even if you have -500 BP lower but you still able to take down the level if you have your team that totally can counter enemy abilities.

BTW I not really recommend using molten magmannette because of its very slow spirit speed. Even though it has 25 BP higher than your knock-rocket, I still prefer using knock-rocket.


Like what is said before it is more about the composition of the team rather than the BP.
In the past, I’ve defeated teams with +800 BP higher than my own and lost to teams with +300 BP lower.
Battles mostly depend of the composition of your team.

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This as been really useful, I need to really think about team comp too. I also never thought about ‘strong hit’ ability working on the tiles, thought it was only on other dragon dmg. Maybe need to rethink which dragons to breed for or level up…

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I am struggling to beat a Sawmaw, Axewing, Warcry combo at the moment. Who is best against Sawmaw? Think I probably need to breed up a better red…

I also have trouble with Sawmaw.

I would say Murky’s all enemy ability lock
Murmur’s HP lock
Cardinal Combatant
Phoenixfire’s ability to take away beneficial effects

I have none of these, but they’d really help

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Gloomleer‘s lock one foe ability is pretty useful. Try to not hit Sawmaw and match purple tiles until Gloomleer is loaded, lock Sawmaw and you got 5 turns to kill it, usually enough if RNG is not completely messed up.
Since maxed Gloomy is quite strong this would work (maybe together with Toothless) very well against Warcries as well since they‘re weak against purple tiles and go down good by being hit with them. Otherwise the hit Warcries will cause the Sawmaws to load even faster.
Axewing is not that dangerous, I guess I‘d focus on him first if he‘s not the mini boss?


Thanks Bee. I am trying to get my third Gloomleer at the moment - then I just have to level up!


I forgot: Gloomleer shields your team in addition to locking Sawmaw, so you’ll get less damage from enemies which can give your healer enough time to save your team.
Any heal-blocker, not only Murmur and Cardinal, is pretty good against Sawmaw as well (Cryptic if you could get him or any one of the Boneknappers since Skullcrown is blue and Sawmaw gives additional damage for blues aka Skullcrown down very fast?) you’ll still suffer from Sawmaw’s massive team damage, but at least it’ll die instead of healing back up.


Try the def buff dragon like scale storm

Gloomleer has a def buff, too. What exactly is it that most people here are recommending non-event 5 star dragons or even 5 star hybrids to pass this level (or at least giving them as examples for useful abilities)? I got only one single non-event 5 star but almost every 4 star and event dragon by now and everyone has to work with what they got. Your tips are very helpful, yes, but mostly for people with a very good roster and in my opinion that generates the assumption one could only pass this level as soon as (s)he got these 5 star dragons. That‘s simply not true, there are many good 4 stars that are much easier to get and train and that one can work and win with.