Team substitution after 1.5

Hi dinolovers, looking for some advice and opinion on my team. In particular thinking what to put in for megalo and ankyntro. The latter will not be leveled anytime over 20 and megalo don’t know if try to level it up or not…considering spinotasuchus, stegocera/monostego (also ubdecided between these two :joy:)
Trying also to level up Thor at 23 and stop it there to test it out in arena.
Waiting for replies on my team and also in general of which dino do you find most improved/useful in the new meta

Nice team! Not sure how many indom rex you see at your level, but if you see them a lot, i would think trago would be a good option (also taking into account rhat it is quite easy to level up). How does Thor actually do for you? Does he crit regularly with that 40% crit chance? I’m torn between levelling up my allosino or creating thor: all depends on how regular Thor’s crits are. I hope you can provide some insight on this.

Trago, despite some buff, was the one switched out for Thor:joy:. Between him (or her?), megalo and ankyntro trago is the worst indom counter imo, expecially at 21, because after his first ap impact you are forced to set up the shield to survive and he cloaks…as indom counter i use megalo, but it’s there only for that role in fact i don’t know what to do with him, didn’t see it shine in other matchups other than indom…
Speaking about Thor i think it’s an upgrade over Allosino…Regardless the crit chance (which works but it’s always a coin flip) he got ds rampage over ap impact and 109 speed…didn’ run too many matchups but the crit chance is a thing

Monosteg is a good route to go, depending on how high of a level you can get him to sub him out for Ankntro.
So is Spinotasuchus so quit wasting that precious Kaprosuchus DNA for the Gorg to Megalo route. So sub him out for Megalo.