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Team suggestions for Badlands

Hi there!

I need some help forming a great team to battle with in badlands. I’ve been stuck there for as long as i can remember… Any suggestions anyone?


This is my team and a few other dino’s. Thanks for helping!

I’ve seen a lot of Stygi in the Badlands, so a couple of good immunes would benefit you. A lot of raptors like to lurk there as well, so a couple of tanks are good as well.

Sucho is always a good dino, so bring her along with you. Brachi is good too - of course, beware of Bleeders like Sucho if you want to run with Brachi or Nodopodosaurus. Bring Gorgosuchus with you too, it can’t hurt to grab a speedy chomper with you either. Stegocera is a thing in the Badlands too - they’re decent against Velociraptor. I had a good run with Mono, so if you want to go with her at some point, then go for it.

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Focus on Einiosuchus, she is great in lower arenas and, over leveled, can be useful as high up as Jurassic Ruins. I would replace Sino, as I do not recommend leveling her any more; save her DNA for the legendaries… Suchotator is another good one to focus on… I use mine at 5.2k trophies, but she’s level 30…

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