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Team suggestions for me?


As the heading says.
I swap in suchotator once in awhile, testing out Dracoceratops.


We have to wait for the monday patch 1.6

Dracoceratops could be broken or wasted.
You should dump pyrritator after the patch, he will be worthless.

I would go for stegocera or trago or tyranolopho.

I also don’t like molo and alankylo, but i think that is more personal haha.

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I would add trago and sucho personally.


Sucho I like, trago needs to be higher to be effective. Stegoceratops is good, but runs out of moves after stun lock.

I’m not a Alan fan, just playing around.
Dracoceratops looks promising after next week.
Pyrritator seems to go hot or not, not my favorite, but I hate seeing him on the other team, he’s usually hot

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Standard question: When you get your four selected for battle, which one do you never use, or leave for last? Swap that one out for anything else.

What I would try:

Monolometrodon needs to go up two levels to fit in. I love mine, great kit, but it needs to be a few levels higher than team average.

I would try Stego or Trago for Dracoceratops or Pyrritator.

Can’t say about the bird, never use it. I would swap it for Ankylo and see how that goes.

And the Tator, I would it a slot for any of the above mentioned.

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