Team Suggestions? Stuck in Arena 6


Here’s my team. I’m having a lot of trouble with Stegoceratops and really high level stegosaurus. I also run into high level allosaurus that seem to never die and crit my team to oblivion

Thanks for any suggestions!


Personally I am not a fan of amargocefalo, I like nodopatosauro instead, but I don’t know the rest of your team so I am not able to suggest you this switch, if your nodopatosauro is still weaker. But I surely put Kentrosauro or Anchilosauro in the team, in your shoes. Just see if you fight more immune dinos, put anchilosauro, or if you fight more dinos that can brake shields, put kentrosauro.

To defeat Stegosauro and Stegoceratopo, just use slow dinos that can make big damage, like t-rex you have already in your team, but also Tarbosauro or Ofiacodonte with their critical chance, or dinos immune to thagozimer and stuns, like your Postdimetrodonte or still Ofiacodonte.

Hope this helps! :wink:


Personally I don’t think baryonix is useful at that arena level, he rarely has a chance to get 2 hits in before dying and without ready to crush he does very little damage. I would agree, nodopatosaurus is a good one, it’s hard to see what the rest of your dinos are, but I would either choose blue or pyro not both and maybe switch bary out for like anklyacodon? Kentro might be good too. I personally like amargoceph with his counter attack/slow and invincibility moves. he can be good for baiting a foe into killing themselves by switching.