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Team Suggestions - Who to use?

Hello, all. I have been catching a lot of dinos lately and wanted to share my team and ask for suggestions. I am partial to removing my Indominus Rex Gen 2 in the near future since it is a bit hit or miss, but I do like having the extra ability to remove dodge.

Darwezopteryx is nice due to the swap in wound ability. Whooly Rhino can swap in stun. Indominus Rex Gen 2 with the cloak ability + also dodge removal is pretty decent. Scorpious rex gen 2 with its dodge + speed increase and opponent damage reduction on the swap is pretty fair. Andrewsarchus is a beast who can pierce armor and the no escape ability occasionally comes in handy. Dracoceratops is a beast in most cases. Entelomoth can heal on escape, so it’s pretty good for catching users off guard. Archaeopteryx is one of my new favorites - the heal on escape is awesome! Plus it dodges for two turns if they attempt to escape.

What would you guys do?

Here is the photo of my team: