Team suggestions


This is what my current team looks like at the moment. I’m budget spending my coins on the dinos that I know are going to be on my team. Ah the struggle. Working towards the Indoraptor at the moment, which should be replacing Indominus. In the mean time, I’m indecisive on whether or not I should replace gorgosuchus for one of the three legendaries below. Trying to balance my team out. Substituting a tragodistis on my team, would 4 tanks be too much? Tryostonixs is a tank muncher with immunity, which would be a nice substitute, but is much harder to level up. Spinotasuchus has nice speed/ pretty, but I’m not too much a fan of its move set. Any other suggestions? Or keep my team as is?

As long as I have kaprosuchus and stegosaurus pts stocked, I should be able to continue leveling up megalosuchus, stegoceratops, gorgosuchus, and stegodeus. I’m not really finding much dilophosaurus around my area, which makes leveling the diloranosaurus a bit difficult. The rest of my dinos.

These are the other legendaries i’m working on but a lvl 16 won’t do much either :joy:

Pyrritator: 16 pyro/ 14 irritator (zero faith :+1:t2:)
Allosinosaurus: 11^ allo/ 15 sino
Ankyntrosaurus: 14 anky / 14^ kentro
Gigapikasaur: 15 nodo / 10 ^ amarg
Rajakylosaurus: 14 raja / 14 anky


I would offer help, but you’re a big step up from me


Gigaspikasaurus is a good tank but I think Tragodistis is better!


Ill definitely give tragodistis a try. How do you like spinotasuchus so far? Just played a couple just now in the arenas, and their speed kills lol. Starting to like this legendary a lot more now.


He’s pretty good speedster, if you don’t kill your opponent with Wounding impact, and you think he’ll swap, Lethal Wound can do good damage and finish with Critical Impact!


Spinotaduchas or wherever he is called for sure… I think the rest is down to your coin management and grinding more DNA…

Hope to see you in a friendly battle soon :slight_smile:


I dont like spinothasuchus a lot in this meta, cause most of top tank have superior strike to clean and attack again, tragodistis is good vs those indominus elridominus and dinos dont break shields, im working on my tryostronix now, even a low lvl( atm at 18) he is doing a lot dmg and inmunity vs those top tanks


Hmmm my trysyronix is at level 17 I have loads of DNA… Just wasn’t sure if I should level him up . I love that has defense shattering and bypass sheilds and immunity


You do got a good point on superior strike. Ill definitely have to grind looking for some baryonyx. Tryostonixs has nice decent speed as well, matched with the gorgosuchus.


I tested it also in friend battles vs top ranking guys and absolutely destroying his tank and usually 2 dinos before he died, did crit of 7200 at lvl 26 and whit that inmunity and speed you havent to worry about nothing basically


Does it help against a mono? That things really annoying me lol


Immunity is going to come in handy, especially against those stunners. Tryostoniks is probably the best bet to help balance the team out. Ill give tryo a go in the arenas :slightly_smiling_face:


Well the dilemma that I have is I am saving my coins for trykosauras… However, I know he is much slower lol


This is my current team.

The only slot on my team that changes is the diloranosaurus. That slot swaps between monostegotops and utahsinoraptor. Im pretty sure dilo is just a flat upgrade over Utah though so basically between dilo and mono. Spinotahsuchus used to take that slot but I was always disappointed with him. Your team is very very similiar to mine. I absolutely recommend leveling your trag and getting him on you team. He is awesome and my number one starter behind indoraptor.
The problem with tryostronix is his stats are extremely similiar to gorgosuchus so as long as gorg is higher leveled he is going to be better. As soon as my tryo hits 20 though he is getting swapped out.
With this team I am currently sitting at 64th place on the leaderboards with 4977 trophies. I also win 8 or 9 out of 10 games or so.


Out of curiosity, are you one of those guys that spams cloak / evasive then swaps? Lol


Nope. That is an excellent way to lose games. Giving your opponent more free moves than you have to is how most people lose to me.


Except when RNG is against you and the enemy always dodges Lol


Your team is pretty much an upgrade from mine. Diloranosaurus is just beast in the areans, my fav dino to use lol. Tragodistis if definitely an easier legendary to level up for me. Just really need to stack on parasaurolophus which shouldnt be too hard to grind at night. Definitely going to try to level the tryostoniks as much as I can. My last 5 fuse rates has been 10s :tired_face:

Very nice! Ive only been able to make it to #243 with my team so far. Getting wrecked today by all the indo and their dodging. Really could use one to even out the field a bit.


Trikosaurus is better than triox obviously but for me there is a long way since i can manage to fuse him, i have tons of kentro dna but 0 of ankylosaurus xd


I can give you 200 in exchange for 200 :smiley: