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Team suggestions?!


I could use some advice cus after each update a new stronger Dino is introduced! Who would you use as a team now? As I’m trapped at around 4000-4100 trophies…and this game has become very tedious and boring now. I’ve always wanted to have postimetrodon in my team but until she’s at least level 22-23 or higher then she’s pretty useless against teams I’m up against. I struggle to know which dinos to put more focus into.


I would throw in Tragod and see how she does. Her gameplay is a little tedious but she can get you outta tight spots


I agree, tragod might help. May be even instead of indo-rex

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You should level up your indor, monostego. Then switch tyranno for tragod. Your gorgo is a good tank buster, you don’t need the extra tyranno especially as it is only lv17.

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Get trago and maybe monomimus in that team. Monomimus you will need extra luck at that level lol but could end up working for you. Trago would be much better than the tyranno you got on there rn.

Don’t take out indominus rex, keep her on there, its a bit of luck, but she can be very useful in a lot of situations :slight_smile: