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Team Support Creatures


Just had this idea, don’t know how well it’d work though it seems balanced to me. A new class of dinos/creatures could be introduced that have measly stats, but they have team boosting abilities. I.e. you sub one in and have it do a bolstering roar and now your team has +25% damage/critical/reduction for X amount of turns or maybe until that creature is killed.
It’d be balanced because you are trading a spot in your 4 for basically a non combatant that can super power your other fighters.
I think this would’ve fit para well, but they’ve decided to turn hadrosaurs into “raptor duelists.” Maybe it could apply to the pterosaurs found in the files or non-confrontational Dino’s like Psittacosaurus/Microceratus/Dryosaurus
What do you guys think?