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Team swaps?


I’ve acquired a few more legendaries since last time I asked for suggestions. Anyone I should swap for anyone? I few of the dinos on my team could be levelled once or teice, I have the DNA for it, just been afraid of nerfs so I haven’t…I’m also very indecisive and the ones I have to choose between two different dinos that both take the same DNA have been really tough choices lately. Been considering getting Gorgosuchus back on the team because I see so many good posts about it but I’m close to having Spinotasuchus so I can’t spare the Kapro DNA to level Gorgo. TIA!!


if u want switch Megalosuchus with Rajakilosaurus, it’s a better counter-attack dino and that switch work really well on my team


I’d switch Alankylo for Rajakylo. I’ve never used Alan, but I use Raja… and I LOVE it.
I’ve got both Megalosuchus and Rajakylo in my lineup and it works well for me. I usually use Megalo as a swap-in and Raja as a stand-alone when I’m dealt both.


I actually love Alankylo. The problem with it is I’m still in Sorna so I’m thousands of trophies away from Lockwood Estates so barring special events I’ll never get more Alanqa DNA to level it further…so sooner than later it’ll have to come off the team anyway. I used Rajakylo a handful of times and did like it so perhaps I will make that swap.

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Having a Dino with swap-in invincibility is too good to pass up, its actually a staple member of my team! So I wouldn’t remove it!


Alankylo? I love it too im just afraid my team is going to outgrow it soon since I have little to no access to it’s DNA.

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If I could donate my Alanqa dna to you, I would. I’m at 4987 Trophies, and about to throw a couple matches so I don’t move up. I can’t have Alan gettin in the way of my Stygi lol.


Yeah I have the same feeling as well, mines currently stuck at level 18 and am 71 dna from level 19 but its gunna be a while before it gets there!

I do have like 15k Ankylo Gen2 though LOL so I’m ok there, its just that Alanqa DNA that is the problem!

However even at level 18 I’m still finding it useful. Being able to totally absorb an Indominus cloak boosted attack is WAY better than any null!


Have you considered possibly trading Stegoceratops for Rajakylo? Have two strong counter-attack dinos on your team, and most people seem to counter Stegoceratops pretty well these days (why she came off my team, not sure how she fares for you).