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So, I finally managed to get a stable team, composed on dinos with bits of my two fav dino families. Just missing Erlidom but, as my two fav dinos are the Spinosaurids and Dromaeosaurids, my team composes of creatures containing parts of these two families. Except for the first 8 creatures I managed to dart, after i got 8 dinos with these requirements, they were added to my team. Might not be the mightiest, but i play for fun and not to be the best :wink: so only have my favs in the team.


Cool. And that team looks pretty strong to me, except maybe Pyrritator, but once u get Erlidom in there, this team should be arena worthy and awesome.

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Yeah, prior to this update I would have switched out Tryo for Erlidom but i think Pyrritator is gonna retire instead