Team tips?


I keep bouncing back and forth between 29xx and 32xx trophies, maybe someone got team tips for me?

thanks a lot


You could possibly put in stegosaurus and swap out nodo or velociraptor… Just because it’s tanky with superiority strike, I used to run with it and it helped out alot, I’m bouncing between 3.2 and 3.5k


Start by darting stegosaurus as much as possible and leveling up your stegodeus


I think nodopatosauro is ok, seen she has a counter attack that can surprise, while switching her into the battle, you don’t loose a hit.
Maybe you can try also amargocefalo, and see if she is more useful than T-Rex or V-Raptor.

I think you have a pretty good team. Just keep level up stegodeo, stegoceratopo and Indominus.
Save your coins and don’t level up dinos you won’t use in arena.

This is my team and I am at 35xx-36xx trophies:


indominus and stegodeus is good.

postimetrodon and stegoceratops is also nice.

gorgosuchus and nodopatosaurus are not so
good… but they’re okay.

but t-rex and raptor?

I think it’s a wrong choice.

t-rex is slow, and battle arena is full of
raptor counters.

try to earn more bary dna amd make it’s hybrid.
and, earn dilo and ourano dna for dilourano.

those will work well for you.


You need nullify to counter shields buffs and cloaks IMHO, Keep the Rex just lvl it a bit it’s a decent counter to everyone’s stegods and tragods,ankytrollsaurus etc


I’d get steg in there. As I posted in another thread, I’m almost 4k trophies and still have her in the lineup. She’s about to become a lvl 22. She’s an all around solid, dependable dino. Her DNA is easy to get which is also a bonus. I’d say remove the raptor for her. You’re getting to the point that the raptor will get one shot in and then be one-shot by many other dinos or if not stunned.