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Team update # 3

Need ideas :bulb: for improving my team

The main team is pretty good. I would only consider the Stegod out for Trago, Tryos or Spyx… But as always, it all depends on how many boosts your creatures have.

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Lol answer is none I’m nonboosted

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So I can swap in and out team members with ease

If you’re unboosted I would prefer those that I’ve said instead of Stegod and even Thor… unboosted Thor ain’t that good. It needs to be faster than the tanks out there


What arena are you at? Definitely bring in Indo g2 since it’s not nerfed for Thyla, which is nerfed. Might as well go back to momma Tator or switch to Spyx if you want bleed.

If you keep a bleeder, than swap Indo g2 in for Thor. Cautious strike is that powerful for Indo G2 even if it’s below team level.

Swap Stegod for Ardonto. More versatile in current meta than Stegod. The slow is very powerful and immunity saves you from all that annoying distractions. Plus you can definite strike the dodgers and remove their dodge/cloak.

However, swap and test to see which one fits your arena and style of play best. I dropped Thor last month and never considered bringing him back. more fun to play with my other new uniques like Magna and Quezta.

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Replace stegod by indo gen2 he’s more viable against the few chompers like Tryko or Thor, and replace Rinex by Spyx I guess

Lol haha thyla lives

Indo2 is a must so put him in and get rid of stegod,tryo is good bc is fast and immune so put him in and take out thyla since he got nerf poor thing and finally i would say utasino over rinex bc his is faster with 15% armor and a crit impact but that depends of your play style. I see you have lvl18 procerathomimus if you level him up to 20 bring it in your team.

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Ummmm no nerf

Huh i thought rending takedown change to have a delay of 2 now.

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Lol not anymore :partying_face:

Let’s say attention was brought to a mistake

Phew that’s a big relief!!!

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Yup (:partying_face: I’m so glad o don’t have to look for a replacement)

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So after testing some I went with this for a few hours

And honestly it suck especially tyso and tragod they were horrible sure in some situations like against so Thor and trykos it was goo but that fact most people run faster dinos and with boosts it just doesn’t cut it

Trago was straight up trash especially cause of it low health and full reliance on its armor to survive

Indo gen 2 was good tooo good I felt dirt using it

Spxs really has fallen with so many immunes and hard hits and it’s low health doesn’t cut it either

Tura was just sad that all I’m gonna say

so I’m just gonna go like this