Team "Update"..Any suggestions?


This is my collection, do you have some suggestions about which dinos I should swap?
PS: I’m working on IRex (70/200), Stegodeus (160/200) and Tragodistis (100/200)


Ciao Andrea! I am Italian too. In which arena are you now and what kind of dinos do you face?

The level of your team tells me you are in early Sorna Marshes, aren’t you? If you are far from 4k trophies, I will suggest you not to level up your dinos before the current tournament ends (Monday afternoon italian time) because there will be stats adjustments on some dinos, so if you are not focused on get the free epic incubator at the end of the tournament, just save your coins and dna for the future. But we can keep you advices on the current meta, if you want, so that you can keep running your incubators. :slight_smile:


Ciao Sara! Mi permetto di scriverti in italiano, tradurrò l’essenziale in Inglese per gli altri. Si, sono a 3024 trofei (Paludi di Sorna). In questa arena ho giocato poco, 4-5 volte, perchè ultimamente mi stavo concentrando sui primi Leggendari da sbloccare, in modo da essere preparato per i nuovi avversari che dovrò affrontare (infatti per ora tendo a scendere/risalire di arena). Pensavo di mettere, appena li avrò, lo Stegodeus al posto del Nodo e il Tragodistis al posto dell’amargo (insomma sostituire gli Epici con i rispettivi Leggendari). Inoltre pensavo all’Irex, anche questo appena lo sbloccherò, al posto dell’Allo.
Per il resto non so se assortire meglio la mia formazione con i dinosauri a disposizione (che infatti non sto livellando, in modo da non sprecare soldi inutilmente).
PS: non ho capito l’ultima frase, cos’è il meta?

English: Yes, I’m at 3024 trophy (Sorna Marshes) but I’ve played in this arena not so much because I’m focusing on collect DNA for firsts legendary hybrids (and so have a stronger team). My idea was, as soon as I can, swap:

  • Nodo -> Stegodeus
  • Amargo -> Tragodistis
  • Allo -> IRex
    But I don’t know if i should sort better my team now, with the dinos I currently have.


My posts are constantly flagged if I write in italian, so that’s the reason why I keep them in english :sweat_smile:

What they call “meta” is the kind of dinos currently let you gain more thophies because they are stronger than others. There was the raptor meta, at the beginning, so people pumped their velociraptor and won a lot of trophies with the “pounce and swap” strategy (put v-raptor as first dino, pounce, take hit with minor damage, swap, use the second dino until he die, put v-raptor again, pounce, swap, repeat…)
Now it is tank meta (all raptors got a nerf and tanks got a huge buff with the “cleansing and decelerating” move), at least until this first seasonal tournament will end. Then, who knows? And that’s the reason why I suggested you not to make investments now, but better waiting before the new game release.
Back to the team, taking for granted that not levelling up any dino is the best choice, yes I suggest you to work on unlocking your first legendaries. Maybe stegodeo will be nerfed, but she will still be a beast and also you need to have 100 dinos to unlock the cash reward for this target (“obiettivi” is the tag but I see you are lev 10 so you know this already).
I see also so much dna for your monolofosauro, monostegotopo is pretty good now but yes definetively wait Monday to find out if she will be worth it and try to calculate if you have enough dna to level her up at 15 and still have enough dna to fuse to create the hybrid.

The only dino you can swap now is anchilocodonte, maybe for allosauro, cause anchi is immune and also her shield cannot be destroyed, just a dino with nullify can take it off.

Keep us posted and if you want put an UP on this thread when the new meta is arrived, so that we can give you more specific advices on what dino you need to focus to level up.


Thanks for your answer! I will try swap allo for anchilocodont until I have Irex. About Mono, I don’t have much DNA to reach lvl 15, so I’m waiting to get more, and focusing all my coins on Dino i really can create (like the hybrid I mentioned before).

Last question: this “meta” is available somewhere or is just suggestions from this forum?

PS: first time I wrote in italian and fortunately nothing happened, but I will keep in mind what you said! (Why you have to write only in english? It’s a rule I didn’t see when I create the account?)


Cause the forum is in english so, if we keep talk in italian, other people cannot join the discussion, so we just chat in two and this is not the purpose of the forum. There are private messages for this.

For the meta, I rely on metahub, you can see lot of info there. :wink:


@Andrea_Spelonga forget what I suggested you about Anchilocodonte… they nerfed her shield :see_no_evil::sob::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

  • Defense Shattering will now work against Immune Creatures (to fix the issue with Ankylocodon);

So keep fun with her before the new update is online, but don’t waste coins for her either…


Same thoughts after patch notes :disappointed_relieved:
They will nerf also Gorgosuchus and Stegocerato…Ludia stop playing with my feeling! :see_no_evil:

NaJ - Never a Joy :joy: