Team vs Team Tournaments - Alliance Trophy Score

In the hope we will eventually get Team vs Team similar to raids, this would also be a way to have an Alliance Trophy Score that will show to all who search for alliances or search alliances or view a players profile who are in an alliance.

When you go to your alliance list, it will show your alliances trophy score.

The Alliance trophy score is obtained by participating in Team vs Team tournaments. Tournament score and Alliance trophy score will be two separate things.

In the tournament window you see your alliance score and team rank.
You earn 1000 points for participating in 5 matches instead of 10 takedowns.
You can create your own team with your alliance or friends or you can autojoin as we do in raids now.


Choosing to create your own team has its benefits as you can earn more tournament bonus points. These are the rules:

  • You must have 4 players to battle.
  • Each player contributes 8 trophy’s for a win toward their Alliance trophy score.
  • Each player contributes 28 points for a win for their Alliance tournament score.
  • Each player contributes 2 points for their Alliance for participating.
  • Teams of friends not of one Alliance get a bonus of 5 points for a win.
  • Teams all of one Alliance get a bonus of 10 points for each player for a win.
  • Random team loss subtracts 5 points from Alliance trophy score per player.
  • Alliance team loss subtracts 8 points from Alliance trophy score per player.

Because of the longer matches, each player will contribute 2 points for participation when losing so if your alliance loses, it still adds 8 points toward the monthly prizes. You still lose alliance trophy’s.

Going into a lobby, you wait for other participants to pop in. When everyone is filled, it goes into the match. If your team is all of one alliance, your team will be named with your alliance. If it is random players, it will be the name of the first player with “Team” before their name so you can tell if your playing against an alliance or a random team.

I didn’t go as far as to create a battle image. I think this will get alliances to come together and want to do tournaments. Whether this is teams of 4 on 4 that I show or teams of 3 on 3, I think this would bring life to the game and make a goal for alliances to strive for. Playing with a team is a different mentality than the PvP as we have. I’ve played tennis singles and doubles and it’s a different mentality when you are battling with a team than alone… singing a solo or singing in a choir. I’m more of a choir person.

Give your thoughts.


Nice idea too

This would be a great idea !

really nice . it’s like 2v2 in clash royal . but i think that will be : 1 random creature from each player that participates . and you can all vote on which move to do ( or turn by turn ) slso that needs in team chatbox

I love this idea!

My alliance is the only reason I still play, and this would add to the fun of making the alliance even more of a fun experience.

team v team ideas are always fun. but only if there is a way to discus between themselves. not everyone uses discord or other outside apps so not being able to coordinate during the match can be detrimental.

and expanding on this slightly, adding in 2v2 or 3v3 single player matches in the arena as a special day/ days/ week would be fun also. putting together a coherent team that works well together and gives dedicated healers a chance to actually be useful outside of raids. same with the team v team.