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Team vs Teams fights in future update?i

Since the raids have been introduced, the idea of team vs teams fights as a further development of boss fights seemed pretty logical to me. A lot of dinosaurs have been changed to basically raid only dinos and became unviable for the pvp arena. But what if ludia made these changes in preparation for the future. Think about it, tryko and maxima would be less of a threat in these team scenarios, on the other hand a lot of different dinos could be used + boost wouldn’t have such a big impact as they used too.
One final point to prove that team vs team fights are possibly coming in future updates:
Mortem rex, more precisely, what does it justify to be an apex creature? It’s moveset and stats aren’t so overpowered that ludia had to create a new tyrant tier, with the exception of group chattering strike. If team vs teams are really become a thing, mortem rex would be undisputeably in the top 3 if not best dino in the game. Apart from Thor , mortem rex is the only dino that can inflict direct damage to all opponents (at least I think so). So what do you think? Are team vs team fights possible? Ore maybe even replace normal pvp arena?


I think, based on the poor match making we have right now on individual battles, team battles would be a nightmare, a logistical disaster, and likely would lead to even more unfairness in the game.

I mean, as a gimmicky thing or an event thing that participation accounts for most of it (not the winning or losing), then it sounds fun.