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Team without swappers?

Thinking of creating tryko to replace draco, which seems an easy upgrade, but it will leave me with no swap in abilities. Seems a hard handicap. Thoughts?

Yeah it’s a pretty big problem everyone should have at least a swapper, I’d work on Mrhino to have one

I do not run any swap dino (current high is 5899) and it is a handicap, without question. Although occasionally it can be a small advantage its typically a major disadvantage

Simply unplayable without any swap in currently.

No, just harder. As I said I play without any swappers and I can get into shores. It makes some matches unwinnable but only a small percentage

Prob can use counter attackers to help predict and fight swappers correct?

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I mean smilo has swap in stun

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You’re going to need at least 2 swappers if you want to compete in shores. Most of the Top 50 have at least 2 swappers and top 10 now have 3. MRhino, WRhino, Smilo and Cera are on most teams. And counters are also being used with Grypo and Lux.

I have 2 swappers right now and I’m in top 60. If I don’t draw any swappers, win rate is usually less than 10% unless other team doesn’t draw swappers. But that’s why top players are now putting 3+ swappers in their lineup - to increase odds of drawing at least 1 swapper for a match.

SIA is boring and has really destroyed the strategic elements / gameplay that used to be part of PVP arena.

Yesterday I beat two people that had Three or four swappers on there team. I use the Instant Rampage Chicken only on my team, but rarely use the swap in stun. I just find swappers very predictable now.