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Team X Team + Coliseum (suggestion)

My mind is on fire here always thinking what could possibly be good for the game and the right idea appeared in my mind just now.

What about a Cooperative PvP?

It could work like this:
In this mode (which could have a cool name but since the idea appeared just now I have no idea for a cool name for this mode hahaha) anyway, in this mode players could choose ONE favourite hero. From they’re hero list available/unlocked and that hero would be used to “match” to another 3 heroes of 3 different players to form the traditional group of 4 to fight another group of 4. The difference is that since one player will contribute with only one hero in fact that PvP would be a colab where we would have a 4players versus 4players battle. Each player would be allowed to control only their 1 hero. The friendly fire is not active (to avoid bad behaviour), only if under effect of “dominate” of course. If a player gets disconnected during a colab battle we have 2 possibilities. The hero control of the disconnected player could be passed by to another player of the group (randomly) or the hero of the disconnected player could enter in an AI auto action where it would fight according to the game AI.

In addition to the colab PvP you could make it possible to create a guild of only 4 friends, those friends of the same guild could choose to fight together instead of matching to random players and it would be a possibility for another suggestion of my…

The Coliseum or tournament could be a weekly or monthly event that could have 2 modes colab competition or single competition (each player would be allowed to enter only one category) it would be a competition which would take the name of one of the challenges name according to a specific level to elect the most powerful player or guild of that level.
The Coliseum/Tournament of the Sharpstone Fortress could be accessed by player from level 1 to 5 and would decide the strongest of the Sharpstone in that averaged level.
Other challenge sceneries would allow player of higher level and etc.

Rewards: it’s up to the staff, but it would make sense that the strongest of each challenge scenery could have some kind of benefit in that scenery (maybe even unlocking special stuff) for the period they are elected the strongest (which as I said could be weekly or monthly, I think it’s fair to be weekly) and that’s why players would be allowed to enter only one tournament (colab or single) respected the level restrictions.

Title: since we would have 2 modes (guild (colab) and single) each champion could have the following title according to the scenery they got victorious.
Sharpstone: The Guild would own the Sharpstone Fortress. The name of the guild would appear in the Sharpstone screen. Each time a player spends gold to enter the Sharpstone the gold amount would be divided by 4 and distributed between the guild members.
Sharpstone (single): The Champion of Sharpstone, the most powerful hero of Sharpstone could benefit by receiving half of the amount of equipment players receive when collecting a dice reward in the Sharpstone.

That’s it, the reward suggestion are illustrative only. It is to show how it COULD work, but like I’ve said the staff should decide about the rewards to determine how it would be better to the game balance. The main goal of these suggestions is to show the idea of implementing a colab PvP and coliseum competition not to tell how rewards should be given those are examples only.

Hope you enjoy those ideas and players please interact to show the staff if you would like to see these suggestions implemented into the game or not.

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I think we’re on the same page.


Yep, we’re on the same page, I liked how you made that sound more practical haha nice changes+additions. That’s why I love when people participate, chat, discuss, we might get something that can be really implemented with this discussion. :smile:

Don’t forget to “like” the post to show moderators that players are enjoying these suggestions and implementing them could be beneficial to the game. :blush: