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Teambuilding in 1.15

So we all know a boost reset is coming next patch, likely cause boosts are being revamped again. So I was thinking this topic be a place to discuss with each other how to improve our teams after his

My current team:
Alloraptor 1/1/2
Indo2 2/3/1 (has nothing to do with cs and everything to do with the fast DSR/MF)
Tryos 1/2/2
Monosteg unboosted
Tryko unboosted
Spinoconstrictor 4/1/0
Erlidom 0/3/2
Thor unboosted

Thought about dropping tryos for Orion at one point and thor for maxima at the end of the month. Thoughts?

You don’t have to justify your team choices just because you or others don’t agree with Ludia’s balancing decisions. As players the logical thing to do is to take full advantage of the assets Ludia knowingly provides us with, there’s no shame in that.

Orion has good Swap-utility, and is great against Dodgers. Definitely recommend it.


Current Team:
22 Maxima 2/0/0
23 Smilonemys 0/0/3
22 Constrictor 15/0/7
22 Tryko 10/9/1
23 indo 2 0/0/0
21 Lania 0/0/0
21 Gem 0/17/3
20 Allorap 5/8/6

looking for boost builds and replacements. I have everything but Monolorhino and Testa. And what’s underleveled i can work on. Constrictor isn’t leaving my team. That’s the one i will not waver on.

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I figured as such, but there are quite a few toxic people on this forum

Also shoutouts to the guy who thought of constrictor, that thing can be a beast

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I would rather take monostego out for maxima, looking like you drop Tryostronix you only have one other chompers and will struggle without Thor against geminititan and maxima which are starting to become very common in the arenas, at the end of the month probably even more

Your team looks really balanced, the only thing I would say is missing is a chomper to fight back all the Gemini’s and maximas running about. I know tryko is technically a chomper but it really needs a turn extra to set up. Maybe Thor, tenotorex or Trystronix would be good.

Thanks for the suggestions. I can try some team set ups once the update drops.

That 15/0/7 Constrictor though. Very nice.

i’m loving her. use her as a starter in most cases. perfect against indo g2 starters. has not lost a match if my math was right.

What’re the speed boosts for though? I’d have thought attack would’ve been more important, in case it gets matched up against an Immune creature.

I’ve got mine at 24 unboosted. She managed to 1v3 a 28 Tryko, 24 Dio, and 25 Thor.

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i had wanted to use my attack boosts on gemini and i wanted to try out something for fun since boosts will be reset next update. i probably would do a mostly Hp + attack build in the future.

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Not worth to think about right now.
Ludia changing most of the dinos in 1.5!
And we dont know if this changes affect dinos in all mods or only in coop.

We can just hope our teams dont get hit to hard.
1.3 nerfed half my uniques allready…

Not gonna lie, I am a bit apprehensive about the stat recall. I got all these boosts on the majority of my team, and I’m afraid of not properly doing it right. I suppose I just had given up on my team being different. My team is as it stands:

Lvl: 21
Maxima: 1/2/0

Lvl: 26
Monosteg: 4/4/2

Lvl: 25
Tryko: 2/2/1

Lvl: 25
Indo G2: 1/2/3

Lvl: 25
Touramoloch: 7/7/4

Lvl: 24
Stygidaryx: N/A

Lvl: 26
Yoshi: 3/4/7

Lvl: 25
Erlidom: 4/3/3

And I don’t have any other dinos that are this high. And then there are future hybrids that won’t be able to give leveled up as quickly, hybrids that I want to use but know that I won’t be able to level up at a decent rate coughcoughConstrictorcough, and everything in between. So, what, do I just put the boosts back on them? I gotta be able to get at least a couple of incubators to open ;_;