Teams/ Alliance Need Revamp ASAP. Please Read and Reply

Hello my fellow JWA friends,

I wanted to take a minute to speak about something that I feel the Ludia team has overlooked in their haste to expand the game (focusing on new dinos instead).

I am the leader of an alliance and have been since 2019. I routinely speak to other alliance leaders and have found several underlying issues with the current way alliances are managed.

  1. Leadership: The current method of leadership allows for a leader and co-leader… followed by veterans…
    HOWEVER, these roles dont really mean anything. There is almost no difference or benefit to being elevated to these alliance levels. As leaders we have almost no special benefits nor do we have any way to motivate teammates to work harder or participate.
  2. Alliance benefits: Members have no real benefit to joining an alliance and being active other than asking for DNA and sometimes raids. However most raid coordination is done on other platforms and not in game. This is not helping at all if some members dont have those platforms.
  3. Raiding: Often the raids dont let us see whos online because it’ll say "loading " instead of giving names… also, we cant focus our raids to assist fellow members.


  1. I recommend that Ludia allow members who are leaders, Co-leaders and Veterans to provide incentives to teammates in the form of extra DNA, emojis, coins, cash…
    Leader and Co-Leader: These can give all of the above mentioned (1 per day)
    Veterans: Can give coins and cash

These will help us motivate members. I mean we need methods to keep people active and interactive.

  1. The Chat feature is not complete nor helpful. Alliance members need the ability to post images of raid strategies and to actively coordinate.
    We need to be able to see whos online from our alliance and which time zone they are in as well.
    Additionally I would add the ability to add emotions to conversations.

Currently we have to scroll through 100 friends to see whos online from our team… and we cant see when they may be on.

  1. Add alliance members automatically as friends… and segregate them to their own section… for quick raid invites…

I believe these features will drastically improve the game…
My idea’s come from several years of game play over several iterations of updates.


Member please post your thoughts here. My hope is that we can draw attention from Ludia to this topic

So far i see folks are clicking the Heart Icon which mean people are agreeing with me.

Please provide feedback friends

Totally agree that more incentives to be a part of a alliance are needed. As a co-leader I’m noticing even though we have 50/50 the activity seems more like 10/50 which is sad. I’m not sure if leaders were responsible for the distribution would work….it could cause unneeded unrest/tension between teammates :roll_eyes:

I agree 100%. I see that we have the same 8 people active and talking.

Its impossible to keep people motivated and to keep them following rules without better communications.

Also i have several members who are younger and want to raid and help but cant because parents wont let them download another app to talk. Which is very understandable.

Therefore i really feel we need better alliance options and abilities… this is more important than continuous dino additions and worthless emojies.

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Those are some good ideas. Now with the latest update pertaining to daily battles particularly it can make it impossible to complete if your alliance isn’t being active as a group. I understand that the younger players might not be able to participate in something’s, personal opinion it is nice seeing parents active in their Children’s screen time and online communication. My daughter takes all of that seriously and control’s my grandson’s activity (the three of us joined in 2018).
I believe it would be a very good idea to have stronger incentives for being in a alliance, maybe a joining bonus, then rewards for actively participating. I believe we had one member who was joining and leaving until they were called out on it and now have become one of our active members so a joining reward would have to be also monitored. As far as participating there could be a scorecard type thing to track raids, donating DNA and the other alliance team participation. As far as the sanctuary I think they should be better explained ( my grandson is my teacher)
Thanks for keeping this “Alive” (pun intended)