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Teams already have points for the Max tournament?

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Bug Description: How is this possible, the first tournament doesn’t start until Friday…

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

how do you have points as well. I got no clue. Maybe it is extra from last month.


Hi Somedinoguy. Our team has been made aware of this and the issue has now been fixed. Please restart your device and you should be able to see the Alliance Points in their correct values. Thank you!

Hacks, that’s the only possible way

Hey @Ronald, I’ve forced all my apps closed twice and the numbers as still showing up. If this is a display thing only, that’s cool; just wanted to let you know.

Yup. I see it too. And I restarted my game like three times. These must be Ludias cronies

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More than 100 alliances have already collected up till 2054 points : why and do you intend to correct it?

Hello everyone, I’m sorry to hear that the leaderboard numbers still appear as incorrect. I will make sure to let the team know about this.