Teams Comparison

Teams at 51xx.

Among those at 53xx.

For comparison purpose only.

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That green chicken is a really valuable Dino to have (especially at that level!)

I’ve been getting whooped by them all week :joy:

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I recognize that bottom team :slight_smile: Got a few upgrades tonight. Finally found a kapro, and farmed them raptors.

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My green chicken is level 26 but gathering dust since I’m still being matched to the wrong group of players :sob: I guess friendly battles forever then.

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That green chook has the same moveset as the red chook albeit being faster & stronger. Is it worth getting it or should I just keep leveling the red chook up? Dilophosaurus dna are hard to obtain.


It is really strong, and the speed enables it to be a good answer to monomimus, indorapter, spino, magna, utarinex, etc.

It pairs so well with indo - the tank buster. They each counter the counters to each other.

If you notice dino levels, my dinos are (on average) quite a bit lower than those around me. That green chicken is what enables that.

Great. I am leveling up my turkey now. Hope to get the green chook by next week. My red chook’s already lvl 20. It appears as a lvl 21 after creation, right?

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Yes as every unique.

It’s a really strong dinosaur that won’t left my team but he has some nightmare match-up he just can’t win, some easy ones and he can play a lot of roles in various matchups.
Practice and you will be rewarded. Know when to play it and classic traps and he will become soon a force to reckon with in your team.

Right now I can’t use his incredible speed advantage because of level too low but once I’ll get him over 27 he will eventually outspeed every other at his spot

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