Teams, Evolving and Experiance


What I don’t understand is, what’s the point of arranging your Dinosaurs in certain way in your team when it doesn’t generate the immediate four Dinosaurs in the top row of your line up?

I feel like I should ether be able to select my chosen four before a battle even starts or the top four in my line up should be generated automatically after I’ve arranged them, not the system randomizing from the eight I have on my team.

Which brings me to Evolving and Experiance.

DNA should be used for evolving but not confused with leveling up Experiance…

There should be two separate processes at work here: A) DNA collection to evolve your dinosaur’s genome enough to learn new attacks and to be able to ‘fuse’ different Dinosaurs when the suffecent level is reached & B) Battling should provide level up Experiance which makes your Dinosaur not only stronger but fuseable…

Personally, I don’t know about anyone else, I get a little tired of the tedium of trying to up certain Dinosaurs levels on my team only to not have them selected to battle… I level the ones I like and want to use in combat, only reason some are even on my roster at level one is because the system forces you to have all eight slots filled : /


I disagree with your first point. The random selection of your team is one of the most fun parts of the game. Granted, it can get a little frustrating if you get a bad draw, but its really entertaining to try to make every combination you get work in battle. It adds for some variation, because if we could choose just 4, many people would have very similar teams and it would get a bit boring. There are way more than 8 ‘good’ dinosaurs out there, it’s your mission to find 8 that work good for you and keep all of them leveled up. It keeps combat entertaining and even though I struggle with a couple of my own team, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For instance, if it was only 4 dinosaurs, almost everyone would have a velociraptor in their team and battle would be won by whoever has the velociraptor level higher. Pretty boring.

As for your second point, I agree. Battles giving experience points would be great, you would get rewarded by playing all aspects of the game and all of them would give pex, as it should be.


I suppose that’s true, the randomization of the eight… I was pretty frustrated when I wrote this out tbh :joy:


I have become better at managing different scenarios by having 4 randoms picked from 8. Much more interesting and it requires creative use of my brain and the dinos on my team. It may be frustrating to lose, but I always learn more when I do! Much better game that way!