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Teams we wish we had:


Just so so jealous :heart_eyes:
{Don’t break any forum “rules” but keep the sharing going …}


Battled someone from a Thai alliance with a team like that and they were level 18 and 4800 trophies :roll_eyes:

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Some people got money, yo!


Thats not money… thats what living in the local 5 does for your team
I did not know mono spawned in l5 so much you could also have a 25 monosteg and monomimus



That’s money.


Those are known spoofer alliances…its not just money…


I thought you still had to use money to make purchases though? Unless you can spoof in fake cash. Goodness, why even play a game if you don’t play?


teams with over-leveled uniques (requiring the same epics) and comparatively underleveled legendaries that should be on the same level or higher but for some reason aren’t (often they’ll require either arena exclusive DNA or DNA from park dinos)

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I was pretty sure mine submission fit that profile… 30 erli and tryko… 26 monosteg and megla. I could post more but dont wanna take all the good before others have had the chance.


I can’t imagine how long this must’ve taken. The highest queen Ive seen so far :heart_eyes: