The very short length of time our creature DNA requests are ava6in our group area is u realistically short. Not only are we in different time zones we are in different countries.
Also noteworthy…being able to translate our teams’ communication would be exceedingly helpful.

Requests for any improvement to the social tab will go on the big pile of other requests. I counted and there are over 15 bugs to fix before they should add any new features in it.
For communication I suggest you move to discord, everyone else does that too. You can get your browser to do the translation for you there.
When it comes to donations, yeah sure, when people are sleeping they cannot donate. But also when they are supposedly at work or busy with the kids :slight_smile: People log in at the most random times of the day and it’s up to you to figure out when the best time for requests is. It helps if you have a full alliance of 50 active members, and don’t request irritator or other rare things that don’t get donated anyway.

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You have to coordinate with your alliance, through any sort of socials you can all get. I like the 3 hour timer the way it is now, because it allows our alliance to trade multiple times a night and also collect earlier if it doesn’t get filled fully.