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TeaRex Hunter, highly ranked alliance recruiting

Are you looking to move up to a high ranking Alliance that is fun, friendly, and helpful?

Great opportunity to join one of the best Alliances in the game. We are looking for two or three dedicated players to join our motivated and successful team at the end of this Alliance Championship. We typically rank in the Top 20 Alliances, and achieved over 600,000 Alliance points this season even short a couple people most of the month.

Our Alliance was founded the first day Alliances started and still has some of the original members. Most of our players have been with us long term and love it here. This is because we have a super friendly, helpful motivated team that works together to help each other and to help the Alliance succeed.

:boom:Earning tier 9 rewards in four tournament months.

:fire:Usually ranked Top 20 Alliance Championship

:boom:10/10 Alliance missions always easily finished very early

:fire:ARK1 team with three level 20 sanctuaries and access to the ARK farm sanctuaries.

:boom:Well organized Discord with lots of proven raid strategies and people who love to help. We even have a friendly bot that will notify you when others are looking to raid. Our motto is “No one left behind”. Because of our strong international group, we usually have people available to raid pretty much 24 hours a day.

We are looking for someone with 4800+ arena trophies, averaging 1000+ trophies per tournament (or better). May consider lower arena for good tournament scores.

We are an English speaking Alliance but welcome those with limited English skills who are willing to try and communicate enough to be able to participate.

We would love to help you grow as you help us continue to grow.

Don’t currently meet our entry requirements? Consider joining our second alliance,TeaRex Rogues. Rogues is a great Alliance to learn and grow with help from TeaRex Hunters. You will have access to our Discord and be able to ask questions on team building and join in some of our raids.

Please feel free to message me with any questions.

We currently have one new opening for a motivated team player. Great opportunity to join a fantastic Alliance that really is fun, friendly and helpful while earning great rewards

We will have one or two openings on Monday at the end of the Alliance Championship. Great opportunity to join a successful (currently 16th Alliance Championship), friendly, team oriented Alliance.

We will have one or two openings Monday. Tired of being the one to carry your Alliance and want to move up to something better? Message me if interested

Hi! Currently a member of Rogues and would be very interested in joining. Love the group but really want to start Raids.

We have been trying to encourage all Rogues players to join our Discord, we would be happy to have you raid with us. We should be able to get you through most of the raids.

Great chance to be a part of a fantastic team that is steadily improving because of our fun, friendly, helpful, motivated environment. We finished 14th in this last Alliance Championship and once again have earned tier 9 rewards. Message me if interested in joining.

Can I please join TeaRex Rouges? I am level 11 and can do epic or legendary raids. @Irene

We have a new opening in TeaRex Hunters. Great opportunity to join a fantastic team earning tier 9 Championship rewards.

Do you still potentially have any slots available?
i am an 4693 cup player and i would love to join an alliance. i am active for BARE MINIMUM 30 minutes a day on weekdays and around 2 hours on weekends. i have started playing the game again after a 5 month break and i am exited to get back into it.

We don’t currently have any openings in TeaRex Hunters, but we do have room in TeaRex Rogues. Feel free to message me directly if interested. My Discord is IreneA #9421

TeaRex Hunters currently have two openings. Great opportunity to join a fun and successful Top 15 Alliance that earns great rewards (Tier 10 this past Championship, tier 9 even in four tournament months). Looking for serious tournament players that can average 1000+ in tournaments.

Still looking for two strong tournament players. Great opportunity to join a fantastic Alliance

One opening available for a strong tournament player. Great opportunity to join a fun and successful high ranking Alliance.

One opening available, our players say this is the best Alliance they have ever been in, don’t miss your chance to join.

hey i have 3700 trophies with a pretty good deck, im active and get on everyday and im working on many uniques. I would like to join your alliance :smiley:

Thanks Sunset. We do have a bit higher minimum trophy requirement. We do have a secondary Alliance that shares our Discord we could get you in that shares our Discord and raids with us. Message me if interested.

Hi @Irene I would like to join the TeaRex Rogues alliance… I am currently in MT.Sibo arena and would like to level up with your alliances I hope there are anymore slots left! these are my user details:

username (in-game) : PrafulBiradar#9440
LVL (in-game) : LVL 8 (3/4 of 8)

and yea that’s it for now I will personally try to reach out to you on discord…thanks once again yea!

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Hey, i have 4900 cups and would love to join! sent u a message on discord

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We are still looking for one player to join our team. We hit rank 10 Exploration in just over 48 hours this week even down one player. Great team looking for a motivated tournament player.