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TeaRex Hunters looking for active players

TeaRex Hunters is a long time Alliance that is currently looking to replace several inactive members with people who are active and will contribute to alliance missions. We are a pretty casual group without a lot of rules but we want members who are actively playing the game. Members are required to join our Facebook messenger group. We do share two level 20 Sanctuaries with other alliances, sanctuary creatures are decided by a vote.

TeaRex Hunters is looking for a couple people to join our team. We offer access to two level 20 sanctuaries (currently being rebuilt), and made 10/9 on Alliance missions this last week. We have a great group of people that are generous donating DNA. We don’t have a lot of rules, just want members to be active and would like everyone to join our Facebook message chat for communication.

TeaRex Hunters is cleaning house and currently has one opening (and maybe a second soon) for a motivated team player who loves to battle. We are a 10/10 Alliance and members of Ark1 with access to three level 20 Sanctuaries. We are hoping to find someone in the 5000+ trophy range who loves tournaments to help with the Alliance Championships. We have been hovering around the Top 25 range in the Championships and expect to do even better with the right player’s help. We don’t have a lot of rules but are requiring members to enter the tournaments and do at least the ten takedowns. image

Hi, I would be keen to Join. Have a look at my profile and let me know. Col27

For some reason I can’t get to your profile. Can you send me a picture of your team and let me know how much you play? Do you like to battle a lot? What is your reason for leaving your prior alliance?

We have a great group without a lot of rules. Mainly looking for someone who loves to battle to help with tournaments (we require participation and ten takedowns from our members)


I am a daily active. Reason for leaving is too many people not active in the tournaments and not hitting their 10 take downs. I’m sitting in library at the moment. Score of 5175. Your alliance looks good, plenty of top tier players.

If y’all are still recruiting and looking for someone that’s around 5000 trophies (mine being 4733), I play daily and looking forward to meet new people. Name: Honeyman

Also to answer your question about battling, that is my favorite part of the game. I often battle to accumulate incubators to speed up and collect boosts from.

Sounds good, I’m willing to give you a go. We do require communication, we have a Facebook message page. If someone is unavailable for some reason, just let us know :slightly_smiling_face:. The biggest rule is not to place creatures in the CoOp sanctuaries without permission, it is a booting offense.

If you send me your player name and number I will send you an invite


Thanks Irene. Looking forward to coming on board. Rules heard loud and clear.

Name is: Col27
Number: 7073

I did just recruit someone but we might have another spot soon. We are looking for people who love to do battles to help in the Alliance Championship. We require participation and the ten takedowns but are hoping to find people who enjoy battling and do more than that.

We have one more opening. If you are an active player who loves to battle we are interested in hearing from you. Looking for the motivated player who is ready to move up. We offer 10/10 Alliance rewards, three level 20 sanctuaries, and currently ranked 28 in the Alliance Championships and looking to move up with your help.

We currently have one opening and are looking for a motivated team player to join our Alliance. We are an ARK1 team with 3-4 level 20 sanctuaries and typically do 10/10 on Alliance missions. We have always ranked at least in the Top 20 of the Alliance Championships (Eighth in first Championship). Looking for someone with a minimum of 5000 trophies. If you are a strong daily player who loves to battle and is successful in tournaments please contact me with your stats. Looking for the type of person who loves to do more than the minimum requirements. Discord required for new players, we also have a Facebook chat.

Position filled

We currently have one opening for an active team player. Prefer 5000+ trophies and someone who loves to battle. Join our great group of international players! We now have an active raid channel on Discord with many successful takedowns of Mortem Rex.

We currently have one more opening for an active team player.

We have new opening for a strong team player. Must be 5000+ trophies and an active player who likes doing more than the required ten takedowns.
We offer three level 20 sanctuaries, 10/10 alliance missions, ranked Top 20 or better in tournaments, and an active raid channel on Discord. Contact me for more information.