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Teaser for my next fanmade update



Epic spinoceratops gaming


I don’t know what to say lol

that would be aweomse, like 2 different versions to play, there could be a second island you go to, like a dark mode and it could start fresh with no boosts. you could also shoot the robot dogs maybe

Cool. Let’s hope we get the creatures of camp cretaceous next patch

It’s not that…

But nonetheless, it’s still epic

either way, it would be awesome.

We will be getting at least “Counts” about 9 or 10, plus all of the official 2.13 creatures

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Yep. Hopefully the missing poll hybrids as well

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2.13 must be big then. Considering we get these and the ones we know

A good idea would be to choose a clan Manta Corp or DPG so either good or bad and depending on the clan you choose you get different daily rewards

Its simmilar to that, but for my version, you get certain rewards for siding with the four operatives

Alr just @ me so I can see it

I’ll add you to the @ list

Ohkay but when’s the list coming ?

When the fanmade patch notes come out. I have alot of work for schopl, so it could be a while :man_shrugging:

I understand I have a lot of school too