Teaser of NEW HYBRIDS! 🤩

Yeah i’ve got enough Tany to guarantee an immediate unlock, but all depends on the other dino ingredient.

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I need tany suprisingly

since it takes around 33250 to level my tany to 20 from level 6

Then Thursday is your day! So glad I darted every Tany I see on Thursdays.


I think 4 is Purutaurus + something else (based on the horns)
The brachi thing might be Ardonto + brachi.

Also, some (pretty) wild guesses:

  1. Smilodon + Pachy
  2. Koola G2 + Purru
  3. Cenzoic + Procera
  4. Cenzoic + Carno
  5. Pteranodon + ??
  6. Ardon + Brachio
  7. Tany + Spinoraptor

Brachiosaurus + Nodopatotitan!!!

@XxCarnotaurusxX hmm nope, dont think nodopato can get a hybrid? It uses nodopatosaurus, so its a superhybrid already

that fourth one might be a wuerhosaurus hybrid.


Unfortunately Noodle cannot be mixed again because it’s already a superhybrid (nodopatosaurus + giraffatitan). So it could be ardonto + brachi, or something else.


@Pateradactyl agreed!

Just realized a really easy way aquatics could be incorporated into the game. JW the game has events where you use land creatures and you unlock the aquatics. Well, if we have like 1 strike tower a week where we use land Dino’s to battle for an aquatic incubator, hey bingo, the aquatics can be unlocked with ease. Also they could be tourney rewards


and that first one is probably marsupial lion +smilodon. i dont see them crossing cenozoics with dinos.


oh rays, I hope it’s ardon, but more than likely it will be one of those new legendary.

I really doubt it somehow. I do think it will be Ardontosaurus

Feel bad for saying this now, but 2 is NOT and aquatic. Zoom in on it and you will see some feet


correct!! its probably a diplotator hybrid.


I’d love to see tany + concavenator.

I thing 4 is gonna be something +Elasmotherium because of the horn

that or para