Teaser of NEW HYBRIDS! 🤩

Also some could be made from new creature as well

4 is probably Marsupial hybrid.
3 could be Diplo and some new aquatic.

EDIT: Remembered that Skoola is already legendary.

I just hope they are not going to make hybrids between mammals and dinosaurs

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that one unique could possibly be a terror bird unique. that would suck though… another arena exclusive.


I hope the unique have good stats

I saw the fifth, and immediately jumped to alankycera, I known it’s not though, as it couldn’t be a legendary… ahh

Take your guesses everyone

It looks like Brachiosaurus, Tanycolagreus, Smilodon and Elasmotherium are getting hybrids

The second one might introduce a new amphibian: Tiktaalik

Glad there are new creatures but I wish they’d fix my iPhone 6 so I could enjoy them first.


Looks like Tany + Procera

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It obviously sucks that it’s not working properly on an iPhone 6, but considering how “outdated” it is in terms of the technology standards that we have today, I’m not sure Ludia is the one to blame for that lol
Game developers make the games with the latest technology in mind… sure, they do their best to make it compatible with older devices but going that far back, it’s bound for some problems to happen :confused::confused:

However, I do hope it gets fixed or that you are able to get a new phone, which would be even cooler! :grin::sunglasses: we want you to be enjoying the new dinos along with us!

Cheers mate


Coming soon…in a month or so?

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@FarErBedst this is just a guess, but given the info on new seasons and the timing of previous “teasers” followed by actual release, my guess would be the new patch should be scheduled for July 1st or thereabouts :face_with_monocle:


That sounds like a great prediction…im just exited about it and cant wait :smile:

I agree with you. Here’s the thing though. If you check device compatibility they list that the iPhone 6 is compatible. So with that said it’s their fault unless they change it. Believe me I wouldn’t love to have a newer phone but I can’t afford it right now.

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I think patch notes are coming soon!

July 1st is a Monday so that makes sense too, also it’s my birthday so that would be a nice surprise! :smiley:


@Phil ah! I was not aware that they list it, sorry about that! You are correct then, they have the responsibility to fix it! :slight_smile:

I understand the phone situation, sending good vibes your way so that you may find funds to make the upgrade regardless of this game working or not! All the best to you good sir :sunglasses:

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Should be before July 1. They want the new tournament season to start that day, so the patch needs done before that can take place.