Teaser of NEW HYBRIDS! 🤩

Even better then! That means less than 2 weeks!


So I’m seeing

  1. Smilodon+Who knows
  2. Those fin looking things are horns, you can faintly see the legs behind it. I’m guessing Purutaurus+Diplo2
  3. Is definitely a Stegosaur, I think it’s Miragaia+Pteranodon
  4. Looks like Elasmotherium is maybe involved
  5. I’m betting on a Quetzal hybrid
  6. Definitely Ardonto+Brachio
  7. Alankylosaurus+Tany, or Dracocera+Tany. Probably the latter
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That Brachi unique have to mine 0.0

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Just got my Dracoceratops to 30. So you can guarantee its getting nerfed hard.

I don’t care what the new creatures are just as long as they are meta relevant. Can’t keep playing the same creatures.

My suppositions: Smilodon + Pachy;
Diplocaulus + Concavenator;
Wuerhosaurus/Miragaia + Dsungapiterus/Pteranodon;
Purrutaurus + Scolosaurus;
Long beak birds;
Ardontosaurus + Brachio;
Paramoloch + Tanycolagreus;
The first will be super aggressive, hope he will not go over 129 speed.
The second seems nothing special, probably he will get too low hp.
The third should be strange, he may be weak in damage.
The fourth seems very huge (except aganist chompers), i’ll check it at the release.
The fifth will be weak as all other birds, Ludia hate them.
The first unique will be an Ardontosaurus stronger in stats. Strong, but maybe not in the actual meta. Hope to see a double rampage on him.
The second unique seems very interesting. Tankyness and decend dps, plus stuns. The question is: how much speed? Because of the tankyness i suppose 127 or 128.

gastornis + something fluffy lol

I am way too excited for this! This is beyond amazing!

I waaaaaaant them noooooooow! Just give us the Release Notes right now so I can bask and squeal over them for the next few weeks :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I definitely see Nessie

Well as we were told, the seasonal PVP will start when 1.8 releases and they also start at the begining of everyone month, so we can expect 1.8 to release at the end on June

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I say june 25th

That makes sense. I’m also guessing that we will see the first recipe on Tuesday

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it would be better on July 7th because thats my birthday :grin:

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i bet we dont see it till August though…

I figure as much. But now that it’s coming, June is going to go by super slooooooooow. I need the Notes to make time to by faster x3

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(time warps 10 days in the future)

last time they released the silhouettes it took about 15 days for patchnotes. and the last update took almost 3 months to come. its too early.

maybe mid to late July is my guess.

August might be when its working… but the revamps to seasons wont happen till 1.8 hits… they would not have announced an upcoming season 1.5 months ahead of time.

It will be before July… so the new season can start…

My concern is none of the hybrids are making my team any time soon… dropping to test them isnt an option… friendlies dont show how well the scale with boosts… and even if i bought boosts unless there are hard nerfs and i have to replace something its a better option to continue to boost my current team up to tier 6 then apply boosts on an unproven dino.

All i really see are 8 new create and forget dinos… hopefully 1.8 brings something to address this… cause this is the first time ive looked at 8 new hybrids and instead of excitement thought to myself how is any of this gonna affect my gameplay.


hmm. ill have to look closer at what they said… and i havent introduced new hybrids to my team in a while lol. i hope these are usefull and ill try to sit on some boosts till then.

The new hybrids to team thing is kinda an issue with their last 2 patches of hybrids… their either good but still possible hybrid components themselves like procera… edmonig… ect… or they are underwhelming…
Elikospyx is like the only exception in 2 patches.

We are over due for a balancing patch to shake up the meta… hopefully 1.8 is similar to 1.5

i agree but it is common for them to do minor updates for seasons and tournaments.