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Technical Issues

I’m having major technical difficulties. I started playing a few days ago, on my iPad, but starting last night, the app either crashes every time I try to go on a date, or it doesn’t load at all. I have no idea what the problem is. I did everything suggested in the FAQ: rebooting my iPad, updating my iPad, turning WiFi on and off, etc and nothing is working. Occasionally the app will work (dates have not since yesterday though) but most of the time the app won’t load at all. I don’t know what to do. I downloaded the app on my phone, to see if it’d work there, and so far it seems to. I wish I could just transfer my whole account to my other device. I’ve bought gems, so I REALLY don’t want to have to start over :pensive:

I contacted them about it, but I just thought I’d post here as well.

I hope you get a better response from them, but from what I’ve seen and experienced as well is you can’t transfer data. Not yet anyway, but I do hope some sort of account feature is implemented soon to prevent data loss. I’m sorry this is happening to you.

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Thanks! I figured as much, since we don’t actually have accounts or anything like that. It’s wishful thinking on my part :unamused:
It’s just so frustrating. Literally every app, game, anything that uses WiFi, works perfectly fine on my iPad, EXCEPT Lovelink. It is the only one having issues. I can’t figure out what the problem is. Honestly, I don’t mind starting over, but I want the gems that I paid for, and I want the same matches I had. I don’t mind starting the stories over, but I want the same matches and I want what I paid for. But I have a feeling I’m just SOL :persevere:

Yeah, I hope implementing the use if accounts will be in a future update as the threat of losing all progress and paid gems, if someone bought them, is really unnerving.