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A great game. No groups or dojos to join. Teams to fight. Amazing entourage of heros and villains. UNFORTUNATELY, the games has not changed for a very long time.

Can we expect ANY changes? Consider groups of 10, 20, or 30. Prizes based on goal achievements? Battles between dojos rewards based on participation with timed shields as protection from repeat attacks from the same individual opponent. Dojo tournament could last a day or weekend or a week.

So many options, so little change.


I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the game @Brian_Parago! What’s your favourite character in your Roster or team set up for battles? Also, those are some great suggestions, and I’ll definitely pass them along to production for use in future games.


Of all the characters in the game, Raphael has been one of the deadliest. Between a taunt with one ability being counter attack 100% chance. I do not have Splinter, but he, too, appears to have this ability. He is amazingly difficult one to beat even on equal level.


Rosters themselves need to be super adjustable to fit any given level. You really cannot “put all your eggs in one basket.” Without a variety of toons and coulors at your disposal, you get stuck.

Each characters has attributes that can be combined for great results. Speed plays a factor, a wonderful “initiative” taken by developers, but missed in D&D Warriors of Waterdeep.


I need help resetting my tmnt legends game please.


Hey Dsiebern, our support team will have to assist you further with this. Could you contact them here at, along with your support key included in the email? Thanks!


Each characters has attributes that can be combined for great results. Speed plays a factor, a wonderful “initiative” taken by developers, but missed in D&D Warriors of Waterdeep.
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Not sure if this thread is still active, but I agree with @Brian_Parago in regards to the lack of updates in this game. I’ve also been an active (daily) player who’s enjoyed it thus far.
However, there are so many things that can be updated and incentives to keep going.
On top of what has been suggested, even things like in the shops, things you can purchase with the Tournament & Challenge tokens should also be refreshed every few hours, like the shop with Greenbacks. This will give people more options rather than collecting so many of these tokens and having no where to use them (for example if you’ve already got those characters and they never change)
Maybe newer story lines? I know the main story has finished, but maybe side stories?
I’m by no means the top player but I’ve already completed the story mode when I had 5 characters at around level 68.
Now I have 11 characters at level 70+, 5 of them over 75+ with 3 characters in Platinum, and am usually at Master Tier II… I can’t imagine those who’ve already got way higher than that… what would their incentive to keep playing?

I am only really urging updates, as I for one, would love to continue playing what is otherwise an awesome game!
Keep it up and look forward to more content!


The game is near perfect. Just stale now,
unfortunately. Clans or dojos could be a major
addition. No chat would be needed ingame. A
list of messages that can be sent out to groups
i.e. You Dojo must defeat 3 Dojos by the

The group battles could have reward tiers per
battle: reward for 50% survival. 75%, 100% and
something for the effort in failing. Maps leading to tougher players (1-30)…players can choose enemies based on who is left to defeat or the path pushes. Rewards for the team could be top 5. Top 10. Top 20. Top 30. So no one player gets rewards over others so much.


@Ned you can send my suggestions on oh overseer? :slight_smile:


We need more update and new things!!! it’s for sure a mazing game with somethings i can nostalgia! i only know the game after seeing the ninja turtles legends in apknite, and it was a terrific! i gave so much hope for it, but the lack of updating making me thinking the game is dieing or abandoned!