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Teleport to raid host location

This evening (here in Europe) i have been transported to the location of the host of the raid i joined. I have no idea to where i was teleported to but it was a large city i didnt know the layout of. Yes im sure…i live out on the country and there is no doubt that it was a large city i was teleported to. I didnt spinn or press anything since i wont be accused of spoofing…anyone else tryed this new bug?

I get small teleports all the time. I spin the drops, dart the dinos, attack the strike towers… for over 2 years now. Weird stuff happens when not on WiFi and signal isn’t real strong. I wouldn’t be so concerned with being accused of “spoofing” because of this.

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Hey FarErBedst, are you currently stuck at the new location? If so, please try restarting your game.

If you haven’t already, could I ask you to email our support team here at so our team can take a closer look at this? Please include your support key in the email as well. It’d really help us out. Thanks!