This started happening to a friend of mine who’s phone is one generation behind mine and while he plays JWA he randomly teleports around in his game every so often and he is always complaining about it since it seemed very annoying. And now it has started happening to me. But it is not as random as his, its worse. I teleport almost at least 4 times a minute and it really sucks. Anyone else having this problem and does anyone have a possible solution?

I don’t see a problem here. I would be more than happy to teleport myself to get access to dinos that are out of my reach. But hey, teleporting (location spoofing) is against Ludia’s policy and could result in a ban! :slight_smile:

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It means that the google map is confused about where you are and is moving back and forth, kind of like you’re in a car. This happens very often. I once was catching an epic in a giga scent and the thing moved before i could. i was still able to catch the ourano. Your inital reaction will be to move back towards the dino you want to catch but stay still cuz it will move back to the 15 meter range. ludia cant do anything about it, at least i think cuz its a google map problem


I had this problem last December.
Extreme drift ended up being a GPS issue and there is no way you can fix it.
It went away after roughly two weeks.
Ludia CS was able to determine it was GPS and not spoofing so don’t worry about a ban.
The PROBLEM is when it decides to lock on a location that is 100 to 200 meters away which keeps you off the road and unable to spin stops for 100% of their value.
It’s not the blessing some people think it is.

Due to my work being a big metal building, this happens to me when trying to play JWA on my breaks. I just play wherever it drops me and carry on as normal once I get outside.

I love it when I teleport cause I always seem to find an epic like that so I’m chill with it

But it was completely fine and then one day it just cracked and its getting worse now I only teleport now. And when I use normal Google maps its fine.

There is a app for poke that can allow you to sit at home but there is a joystick so you can move wherever you want