Tell me about Keratoporcus

Hi there,

So I’m looking at Keratoporcus and thinking it seems like a pretty decent Dino.

How does it fare in the arena?
Is anyone using it?
What are it’s strengths and what will it beat?
What is the best way to boost it?

Thanks, I look forward to replies

The hybrid is actually not a Cenozoic

I remember someone doing a no unique run. pretty sure they have porcus at team level and it does pretty well. Can’t remember who it was tho.

I use him on my team and he does fairly well even without boosts at just level 20

He’s so goofy-looking, I want him on my team just for the aesthetic. Unfortunately I need that Woolly Rhino for other things… so Porky is put on hold.

At present I’m playing unboosted, and I have no uniques.
I struggle with IndoR gen2 and Yoshi more than anything else, and although I use them too, I need a decent starter as I invariably don’t get first go now.

I’m at 4500 - 4750 would it be useful against those dinos and a good starter?

Well kerato is immune to distraction so that’s pretty good boon to beating both of those. I think LW->Decel->Definite would get rid of most Indo2’s. It’d be maybe 50/50 up against prorats.

I haven’t gotten it to a useable level yet, but I feel like it’s probably versatile enough to use and perhaps start with. It’s distraction immunity+definite rampage is it’s most inherent strength, it’s by all means an unblockable hit.

My Porkey is level 18 and does quite well with my level 20-21 team. I definitely want to get it to 20 but it is on hold as I’m working to get mammotherium (Mother) up to 20 to start working on Mammolania.

Got her to level 22 today. Even without team level, she does very good in battle.

It probably the best bleeder in the game



Actually you just need LW and definite. Porkus is a good counter and wins 80% of the time, and if it loses, about 70% of indo’s hp is gone

Haven’t tried it in arena but it seems good in friendlies and trials.Better than Monolorhino at least :rofl:
I like it’s kit.

Really? That’s good to know. I’d have assumed they’d have a smidgeon amount of health from the evasive part of CS that decel would wear down, then go definite to get rid of that last 1/3. Now I know in the future to skip that order :+1:

Demon porc is pretty good I like using it in legendary tourneys.

It holds it’s own pretty well. I have been using mine in strike towers mostly.

Great information, thanks guys!

Got it up to 18 and put it in my team, just need more rhino now :sweat_smile:

I’m thinking it was either @Hersh or @PQC

Guilty as charged; my alt has it on its all epic/legendary team - everything else is L25/L26 but L23 1/1/1 Pork Chop keeps its place - currently 450/500 so L24 soon. Very effective against Indo G2s.

I seem to recall someone saying one of Apex has a monster one on their team … IDGT? :thinking:

The pig shall rise …