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Tell me how and why nothing has been done


So I’m battling in lower arenas with lower dinos to keep it FAIR and I just went up against a guy that I swear did pounce with his raptor every turn. 3 dinos in a row annihilated because of this. Is there a glitch people have taken advantage of? Am I just crazy? Idk but just like the hacking is a problem ive seen people complain about this as well. But idk if ludia is doing anything or what. Would be nice if we could get some kind of “hey guys! Rest assured, we are doing things to fix the issues! Should be x amount of time that we have an update for you!”


Raptor are ok, they need to meet them…but now u must learn their weakness. They have fast speed so they will make move first but squishy… look around for guides and strategy on how to beat them. I usually have high up dinosaurs if someone use raptor.


Having high level isnt the issue. When the raptor doesnt have a cooldown and can use pounce every turn having strategy isnt going to help. I already know how to fight Raptors. I’m level 8 and have level 14-16 dinos but I’m playing in the lower tier arenas with level 7-9 dinos to not make it unfair for those who are actually new and trying to progress. This guy had a level 10 raptor, no cooldown on pounce.


It can’t use it every turn. You will notice it has to strike or sit down a turn to reset the pounce. If you have pyro you have 2 pounce type moves (pounce/crit) Utah same.


The point of this thread was pointing out that this particular person was in fact able to use pounce every turn. There was no cooldown. I already know all of this. I was trying to bring it to the attention of ludia that somehow, the person I fought, probably a bot, was using pounce without cooldown. It was a normal raptor. No cooldown. I fought a velociraptor, not a utahraptor, not a pyroraptor, it was infact a velociraptor that didnt have a cooldown. :roll_eyes: again. Probably a bot. Which I was trying to bring to the attention of ludia. Maybe by repeating this numerous times in numerous ways people will get it. :joy:


Thought I was going blind there, (s)he’s clearly said raptor doesn’t have a cool down for pounce about 15 times :roll_eyes:


Unfortunately Ludia will continue to be useless and money hungry. At this point I’m just gonna end up going back to Pokémon go everytime I go out


well… look like you r the only one who have this problem… i dont have this before… if you say a lot of people has this please put link and show us, seems like just salt from you that you lost or maybe bad internet, who knows? tell GM about this if you have proof or somthing lol because i never lose to raptor anyways


There are a couple of Hackers which can use any move they like without Cooldown or just One-Hit you with base attack all the time or using dinosaurs which can’t die (even if they are 0 HP). Yeah, Hackers exist … and you can’t do much against them.


Actually you’re the salty one. Salty that your favorite game has hackers that most of us are dealing with while you’re not. You’re lucky to not have encountered them yet. But when you do I hope you don’t come here complaining because none of us will care to defend you when your precious Ludia ignores you


Soooo it was an indoRaptor?..:thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had this same problem. Normal raptor did pounce every turn. I only encountered that once, though.


15lvl plus raptor to start. Not blue no variant. Have the best chance to go first and take the lead. Or start with a tank/defensive dinosaur. And counter the raptors with 2k plus health and shields with act 1st. Then have a slow powerhouses with good health as a trump card. Some strategies I have I won’t share but that’s a hand dealt I play every battle. (It’s really nice when you and your opponent bring out raptors to start and because I have higher lvl I have higher speed and they swap and bring in their tank then I get to off the annoying tank with 2 turns :sunglasses:.)


I hope this was sarcasm.


Actually I am no salt. I say if you really have this then message the GM or support so they can help they will try to fix it


People have been messaging everyone possible for problems and none of us ever get a response. That’s the problem here. They don’t care


my friend ticket responded in almost 1 week… it is slow i agree but they r doing wat they can