Tell me this player is not a cheater and or spoofer!


There is no way that this player isn’t a cheater and or spoofer. If not I don’t even wana know how much money he spent on the 1000’s of epic incubators and coins!


No worries. Buy an Owen bundle when the it is released. It shouldn’t get defeated by any of these dinos.


So because some people have money to blow on useless games they are cheaters? Lol incubators are there for a reason.


Believe what you want but if this player truly has not cheated in anyone they have spent several thousands of dollars to get that much DNA.


I think players with very high levels shouldn’t be immune to checking they should expect it. Only Ludia really knows who bought what which is fine because they are the ones checking.


Either they’ve been here since the Beta, or they’re a cheater.


The number of incubators required for the DNA for that team is actually in the millions of dollars not thousands. By far the simplest explanation is that they have the hacked apk that lets them get thousands of DNA just by clicking a dino in the wild.


Millions of dollars, eh? If you’ve done the calculations can you show your data?


Ok let’s do some basic math. If you buy an epic incubator it costs about $33 and has about a 2 in 25 chance of having Trex DNA in it. The average Trex DNA saying half of what the incubator gives would be 200 DNA. That means every 12.5 incubators you buy should give you that DNA. So about $412.50 per 200 Trex DNA. Let’s say trykosaurus as an example to get from level 29 to 30 will require 75,000 DNA. At an average of 22 DNA per fuse and requiring 200 rex DNA per fuse will take say 3409 fusions. At 412.50 per fuse that is $1,406,212.50 and that is one of 8 dinosaurs and just one level. Do
You get the idea now?


Well I did write out a whole post with the actual math but automatic forum filter strikes again.


Or he a ludia boss and is allowed as much dna as he likes :smiley: or hes a share holder and invested into the game haha


Just the thought of people sinking that much into a FREE mobile game is just…I’m at a loss for words on that one. What happened to that car repair that needed to be done two months ago, y’know?


Yea the requirements here are not possible for normal people. My conclusion in my hidden post is that it would cost around 1 million 400 thousand dollars just to level trykosaurus from 29 to 30 and that is one dinosaur out of 8 and only one level.


Apologies. I did the math using the wrong DNA numbers. But let’s say just for fun that each fuse of trykosaurus required 400 Tyrannosaurus DNA then it would cost about $29,700 for that one level.


These “free” mobile games are never really free. :slightly_frowning_face: The free part is just to get you addicted to the point that you’ll spend money on in-app purchases.


I know it sure as heck ended up getting me to spend even though when I started I swore I wouldn’t spend anything on it. Now $160 later…


Guy has a level 28 dino on his team. What a loser.


The people that do put that much money don’t care about car repairs they just buy new ones!

Don’t forget there are Uber rich kids out there that get everything they want so it is easily possible for them to drop 100,000 on the game! What the heck that is only one month allowance to them!


Only #43 in ranking :joy::joy::joy: This person proves you can’t buy or cheat your way to skills. He should have zero problems with anyone on the ladder.

Anyways, if he did simply buy these incubators, he spend well over $20k. Epic DNA is scarce even in Epic incubators.


You guys think I’m kidding but I’m not! I worked for the nephew of the sultan of Brunei during the Atlanta Olympics and one time they handed me an envelope of cash and told to go pick up an order at the Olympic store and I BS you not it was 100,000 worth of souvenirs!

If this guy played this game now…

Get the picture.

I was in transportation at the time!

Another time people actually paid 35,000 for dinner and get to shake hands with the three tenors!

Cmon Branson is charging 250,000 per person for a chance to go into orbit!

This game is peanuts compared to that!