Temporal changes (COVID19)

Ludia please!!

Temporal VIP (range) for everyone, many more Supply Towers and that rotate and change every X time!!

In many areas we are confined (COVID19) at home without being able to access anything… events, chests, supplies… everything is out of reach.



I absolutely agree with this! But for my situation in Florida, I hope they don’t lock us in! We might run out of food!


Please @Ned , report this difficult situation and the suggestion. So many of us need this. Not having this I think it would cause more and more cheats and foul play.

I really think we should be able to dart everything we can see on the map in these times, plus, the drops should give out the full amounts from distance as well… only seems fair to me when we all have to stay at home


100 percent agree

I have an idea: personal supply drop that swaps what it has on it. That way Ludia doesn’t have to keep rearranging them / overfilling the map. You plant this drop in your spot, and only you can see it. It changes what it contains every hour or every 30 minutes, lasts 24 hours.


Yes, being able to interact with what is seen on the screen and without restrictions, would also be a good option.


Yes, supply towers that are exchanged every X time. But even so, many areas and people do not have many nearby. Increasing your number is also a good thing.


That’s why I meant one that you can plant yourself. Idk it could cost some coins like the dart pack and can be bought once a day and only you can see it. Draconius game had a feature like this.


Yes please. My house is surrounded by common strike events (again! Why are they always taken up by the common strikes?) and the drops containing Daryx and Thor are too far away for me to reach.


I had 5 supply drops near my home and since the update it’s only 3. None of the strike events have been near me since the update, and it’s the same thing for the green drops and the dino events.

Now that it is mandatory for many of us to stay/work from home, can Ludia increase the amount of supply drops, or concentrate them more towards residential areas? Or maybe temporarily increase the radius we can access to, for everyone (including VIP)?

I feel that if this doesn’t happen, many people can lose interest in the game, even with the 3h incubator and the dart sale!

Anyone else?


Add personal supply drop item, which should spawn 1 drop for 24h, and the drop would switch what it contains every 30 minutes. Problem solved without increasing lag by adding more drops or taking them from one spot to another.


Yes, we need quick temporary changes!

Ludia, lost players and increased cheats is just around the corner.

I lost all towers in range of my own house after the update…I used to have 4-5. Yay.

maybe even ludia employees are not at work… are they? maybe only some of them who maintain servers and things working.


Hey all California is officially in a Shelter in place lockdown as ordered by the governor. in an attempt to save lives and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This is about 40 million people and a lot of players.
So everybody please be safe, don’t go out.

If possible please ask Ludia to seriously consider this suggestion since we have five different zones and are going to be locked down in only one of them.

Due to COVID-19 can we have 5 different GIGA scents?


Honestly same while I’m not in a big city still in good old everything wants to kill you Cali; so I haven’t been able to get even once Chance at the rares and I have maxed up on common so that would help a lot or just make the spawn well spawn closer

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Moderator. This should not be merged with this post. This is about 40 million people being locked down. Not temporal changes.

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I hope the epic strike is in range tomorrow. :pensive:


I hope so too. This is the first time that I can’t do all strikes, because they are too wildly spread and thus unreachable from home. One is a scent strike which is a real peeve, because I don’t get event scents from supply drops (only one at the beginning).