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Temporarily banned or Permanently banned?

Hello, support team!

It has been more than a month that I am unable to enter the game.
When I entered the game I only received this image (image attached)

Can you please let me know if my account is either temporarily banned or permanently banned?
If it’s temporary, how long can I get back to the game? And if it’s permanently banned, why don’t I get the notice.

Please let me know, so I don’t have to wait anymore. Thank you very much!!!

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Could be just a bad connection in your area


I can still play the game with the guest account.

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Hey Hao_Vien, could you please email our support team here at If you have your support key, please include it in the email as well.

Thank you!

You need to disconnect from Google Play/ Game Center and then log back in.

still can’t play :frowning:

Thank you so much Ned

Its not any ban.
It’s the problem of your internet connection…
Bcz I HV it on almost every third or fourth day.

It’s not the internet I have 2 phones 2 accounts. In 1 phone everything is fine on 2nd this message as above. Same phone Honor Play.

@Hao_Vien any solution yet? same thing happened to me and no response from the customer team.

Hi JasonSaurusRex. If you already emailed the team, they should get to you as soon as possible! Make sure to avoid sending another email before our team replies as that could reset your position in their line.

Hello I was playing Jurassic world alive yesterday but it said i have a internet problem and I checked and my internet was perfectly fine but it still did not let me in and I am having a Google play account and please can u fix it because I was playing Jurassic world alive for a year or so please fix that glitch of mine please!

Thanks in advance

Hi v_Uma_suresh. I recommend contacting our team at if you haven’t already. The team will be more than happy to look into it!

I am having the exact same problem.
I logged into the game yesterday morning and all was well. When I tried logging back in later on, I got the same error message and the game won’t load pass 1/28 which doesn’t allow me to get a Support Key.
I am very frustrated and have tried trouble shooting every other way.
I have contacted support but no response so far. How long does it usually take the support team to get back to players?
I am being told by fellow alliance members that I may have been banned but I am as clean as a player can be… makes no sense.

Hey Dino3! As messages are responded to in the order they come in, it can take a few business days sometimes for our team to see your message (depending on ticket volume). In the meantime, please refrain from sending another email before our team replies as that could reset your position in their queue.

He won’t let me in and Ludia tells me that they have banned me, I play with my iPhone, I made the smilo incubator and left the game, when I returned I could no longer, I am going to report to the consumer’s office because they have me removed the account without doing anything wrong, it is a shame that Ludia has banned me because she loved without being true.

I also find it shameful that they do not give support in Spanish, I am going to make a claim, I did not do anything out of the ordinary and they have to give me an answer about what I did, if they really investigated it they would see that I am absolutely right, it is shameful that later after spending almost two years playing, they withdraw my account.

My cuenta es Martin2015#3653