[Temporarily closed] I'll draw your hybrid creatures (Carneggio)

Write me the names of the hybrid and I’ll draw it. If you want, you can specify the details that you would like to see on the art.

Could you do Indoraptor G2 + Baryonyx, main model being Indoraptor G2 with the Baryonyx’s head and adapting the main tanish color from Baryonyx and keep the blue line from Indoraptor G2 and if you could make the Sicle claws the Baryonyx turquoise. I would appreciate it!

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Carcharocles megalodon + Ceratosaurus nasicornis

Stegosaurus stenops + Chalicotherium goldfussi
(neck armour is much appreciated on the hybrid)

Design can be up to you


Fukuiregina: Fukuimimus super hybrid with the horns and frill of Regaliceratops. If you’ve got the colors, I’d like to see the frill a goldish color and the feathering would be soft white with red spots.

Diplovenator + Albertocevia. These two are already some of my favorite creatures in the game so you can design this pretty much any way you want and I’ll love it.

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Allosaurus Gen2 + Therizinosaurus

A theriz body and teeth and horns of the allo

Common KingFishers Color and Pallet

a feathery tail and a long beak

Megalogia with Lythronax

Megalogaia with Ailurarctos

Tsintaomoth +antarctovenator (mammoth rig)
Segnosaurus + utahrhinex (therizinosaurus rig)
Megalosuchus+ dracoceratosaurus(kaprosuchus rig) "


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Could you please do Compsocaulus + Monostegotops? This something I’ve wanted to see for a long time, so it would be nice if you could do it.

And as another one, I would also like to request Alloraptor + Concavenator, two of my favorite creatures. It would be the body of Alloraptor with the sail of Concavenator. The colors would also fuse, and the small bristles on the Concavenator’s arms would apply to this hybrid.

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Thoradolosaur + Utarinex(Thor base with utarinex feathers and beak)

Suchomimus and Zuniceratops
You can make it any way you want

!!! The creature suggestions have been CLOSED until I draw the already suggested hybrids. !!!


Just incase you’re available: Ghost + Scorpios Rex Gen 2 (I call it Atrocios Rex), then fuse it with Indoraptor to make the Apex Phantamos Rex

indoraptor + echo

indorecho echo colours with indo rig

Requests are temporarily closed.


oh okay thanks