Temporarily Hiding Forum Posts and notification


Your system is auto-hiding posts for review. Nobody seems to know what the criteria is, but it is hidden, and we get notified… then that’s all we hear about it.

Perhaps you could notify us automatically when it is: Approved and posted, or if it is not approved, a notification that it is not approved and WHY it was not approved.

As it stands, you instantly notify us that it’s hidden for review, then no further update. These can be automatic responses.

Hiding it triggers a notification. I’m sure on the reviewers end there is an Approve button, when that is clicked you can also trigger a notification and it would be greatly appreciated.

If you click a “not approved” button, it can trigger a section for you to enter your reason, then click ok, and auto notify that it wasn’t approved and the reason you wrote (or even chose from a drop down).

At least then people know, and can then be aware of what it is that you guys are looking for in people’s posts. If it’s language, you can always turn on your language filter and replace specific words with preferred words.


Would also be nice to know what triggers the auto-hide in each particular case. In a heated discussion if the post appears in a few hours, there’s no point anymore. Once I had to rephrase like 4 times just to have my post appear NOW. No cursing, name-calling or anything too.


Two of my posts were just hidden and they were both just troubleshooting help. No curse words or inappropriate language. So strange


That is the worst time for a post to be hidden! People come here looking for help and if they can’t see a helpful reply they probably figure there is no answer to the problem!


@J.C or another mod can correct me if i am wrong…but there seems to be two different times posts are hidden.

One is when foul language is used, or certain forbidden subjects, such as apps to modify the game, are mentioned. Obviously, those would be preprogrammed to be auto reviewed.

The other, which happens to me roughly once every 10 or so posts, is just a random review flag. Nothing wrong with the post, just randomly selected for a review.


Two of my posts were just hiddden. All I did was report my winnings from the epic strike event. Just like several other people. Nothing that could in any way be objectionable/offensive. Random selection? Weird.


I feel like I’m going through customs of the forum sometimes! “You’re post has been randomly selected for additional screening”

Please step in this room :joy::joy::joy:


“What did I do, officer?” :policewoman: :laughing: