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Temporary Ban - why?

Today I got banned with no reason. I haven’t done any criminal so far. Waiting for a reply from support. One of our clan members was banned as well.

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I’m sorry to hear that happened, Dmitry_Ree.

Once our team reviews your message, they should be able to provide you with more information.

I also got a ban, but I didn’t break any rules. In the game, I entered intermittent pays for real money, played for fun and this morning I found this…

Could just be a mistake

Same situation.

You ain’t the only one. Got banned for 3 days. Sent a message to support with my support key and I got THAT email back saying “You’ve been banned for cheating, hacking blah blah blah…we won’t be discussing this ever again.” Their support bot and cheater detection system is broken beyond repair.

I had the exact same thing happen to me. I had been banned 2x before…and got a permanent ban the other day. I have been playing clean and fair! Can I please get an Admin or Moderator to direct message me so that this can be taken care of??? I have emailed support and nothing is being done! When someone spends a lot of money to support and invest in a game, this isn’t the way to treat them by saying “we won’t do anything further”. That is unacceptable!

Can someone please help me with a ban? I have been playing 100% clean and fair…something is not right with the system. I have had a few other clan members have a similar issue and things were resolved. Please help!