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Temporary ban?

Has anyone gotten a temporary ban, but committed no offense? I have reviewed the list and I am guilty of none. I have emailed the ban support, but I am just curious of others with similar experiences or reasons for their temporary bans.


i got one as well. I also emailed support, we’ll see what they say.

:joy: nice

Yeah I got a 1 day forum ban once. I made a joke and typed a smiley, and someone thought I was trolling and flagged me. Apparently I had gotten a warning in the 2 months prior to it which I didn’t know about, and got an automatic instant ban. I just waited, but it’s hella annoying.

Wifey got the 24 hour ban to today. Did nothing wrong…i think its an error

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Got one too. i think ludia messed up


Are you talking about in game or in the forums?

in the game

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Oooooh, I am talking about forums :slight_smile:
Then I dunno.

I got one too, no idea why. I’m very pissed off right now…

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I’m temporarily banned for 24 hours and I didn’t even use my phone until now!!!

Got banned too, without a reason

Yep, I got one and I did not do anything. I am about to rage quit

Wurde auch ohne Grund gebannt und bin stink sauer deswegen

We have a few people in the Gamepress Discord reporting a 24-hour ban as well, and they all say they didn’t do anything and weren’t given a reason. Sounds like something’s wrong. @Ned ?


It’s really upsetting as now we won’t be able to get daily battle incubator with boosts and daily missions rewards too. I hope they will compensate us for that!

Hey Castal, for more information, could you ask them to contact the email that should be on the pop-up message when they launch the game?


I have been playing online games for over solid 15 years now and first time I got banned. I send an email, fix this asap and restore my honor!

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I´m one of the gamepress community members. (hello, @Castal). I already sended an email, @Ned .
Now, it´s time to wait and see.


Ned, number of reported temporary bans suggests that is a global problem affecting people that didn’t do anything wrong. No official statement from Ludia devs?